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Is There Truth to the Stephen Pierce Scam?

There are plenty of people openly calling Stephen Pierce’s concepts a fraud, but is there truth to any of these allegations
McKinney, TX, United States of America ( 30/05/2011
The internet has been a boon of sorts for many as it’s now easy and quick to expose people trying to make money at your expense. All you’ve got to do is to spill your angst against the perpetrator and there would be hundreds to follow suit. But this has also become the refuge of jealous competitors looking to throttle their opponent’s success. They spill venom as if it’s nobody business.

Of late, there’s been a lot of talk about Stephen Pierce and his company, Stephen Pierce International (SPI). There are several blogs and comments written about how people have been cheated by the internet guru. But as they say, everything on the internet is to be taken with a pinch of salt. So is there truth to the allegations against him?

“Stephen is one of the few internet marketing gurus, who is a living example of the power of the internet. He has made his millions by following the same principles, mentioned in his books. A careful read of the book will make it very clear that these techniques are not out of this world and can be done by everybody,” says the spokesperson for Stephen Pierce International Inc.

Stephen has also helped people with managing finances through the internet. His advice on futures trades has been helpful for many. Stephen has also helped people by suggesting them the right commodity to trade on.

“Through his book, The Whole Truth, Stephen has revolutionized the internet marketing world. He has perhaps managed to irk fellow professionals who are irked that their closely guarded methods have been shared for practically nothing by him,” adds the spokesperson.

While there’s a lot of buzz in the internet, about the stephen pierce scam ( ) there isn’t anything substantial to the criticism. There are several students who have given positive reviews about his course. Another book called Making Money on the Internet is another book that has been of great help to people where he discusses about techniques like researching niches to even marketing a brand.

About Stephen Pierce: Stephen is a self taught internet guru who has managed to make millions of dollars through his business optimization techniques.



Stephen Pierce, CEO of Stephen Pierce International is a world-renowned wealth-builder and speaker. Known as “The Success Sculptor,” His multimillion dollar a year empire provides wealth building tools to entrepreneurs & corporate professionals. A media expert, Stephen has been featured on NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, Black Enterprise, Day star and Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton, He shares the stage with Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, John Walsh and others on the star studded Get Motivated Seminar Tour


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