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A Whole New Alkaline Diet For More Energy And Lose Weight in 2012

Learn how the Whole New Alkaline Diet make you feel good about yourself.
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore ( 03/01/2012
The human body has an acid-base balance, expressed chemically as pH, which normally is slightly alkaline. This equilibrium is stable because of two factors: first, the normal mechanisms of selection and discharge of the body and, second, the type of foods we eat.

Through a new alkaline diet, Emma Deangela brings a great opportunity. Our body can normally support acidifying foods, but in the case where the defense mechanisms falter,
the intake of products that increase the acidosis of the internal environment, may need to be reduced to a greater or lesser extent. These chemical processes highlight the
importance of an alkaline base in the human diet.

As winter approaches we change the clothes of our closet and replace the cotton wool or flax to face the cold. Our body must adapt to lower temperatures and lack of sunlight on our skin. And, of course, must be received by us, its inhabitants and owners, in a manner consistent with the new circumstances.

The alkaline diet is useful and rewarding. Nature, which is still wise, flood the markets with seasonal foods that provide these properties that help us cope with the winter
months and fight colds, constipation, and shivering so typical of those dates. In summer, gazpacho is refreshing and tasty, in winter, soup toning the body.

In autumn and winter season we can opt for calorie foods such as legumes, potatoes and sweet potatoes that help us to accumulate energy reserves. At this time, temperatures
drop and our body needs more calories to maintain body heat.

The alkaline diet together with seasonal foods is interesting from a triple perspective: nutritional, economic and ecological. The amount of nutrients from food (vitamins and minerals among others) depends, among other things, the rich soil it is grown and the degree of manipulation that subjected the product.

It seems logical that the vegetables get their optimal development and provide the best nutritional value in weather conditions more conducive to their growth, which marks the natural calendar. Most vegetables and fruits are characterized by warm hand. No matter the temperature, you will find a good combination.

Nutritious food is almost always the best for the consumer: usually cheaper, and of high-quality. Emma Deangela emphasizes on the fact that it is also better. In addition,
consuming products to meet the alkaline diet plan contribute to respect the natural cycle of production, leading to a positive impact on the environment.

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