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Geomashable is the ultimate Ipad mashup client for popular geotagged social networks and search engines such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Bing.
Leesburg, ID, United States of America ( 27/05/2010

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Are you baffled to organize the information that is collected on various topics form Wikipedia? Would you like to tag the tweets based on the geographical location or subject? Then, you just need to look at the latest technology called Geotagging. Yes, Geotagging is one of the latest advancements that allow people to tag the tweets, Wikipedia articles, Flikr pictures and Facebook news feeds.

GeoMahsable, a Sacramento, California based company has come up with the latest technology for geotagging social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook with the help of the GeoMashable client. This technology helps people to organize the information on a map provided by the application. The users can identify his or her current location on the map and set a radius to view the list of tweets, Facebook news feeds and Wikipedia articles. It is a very simple technology where in people can just log into the Twitter account or Flikr account and set a radius to search or view the listed tweets or Flikr pictures based on the user location. It is pretty clear that the annotations of the tweets or Flikr pictures would be shown on the map based on the geographical location. By clicking on the annotations, you can get the information tagged. The best part is that you can do all these things on your iPad form anywhere in the world. As of now, the GeoMashable client is limited to the geographical location tagging only.

GeoMashable is going to come up with several advanced features to improve the user experience with the"> Geotagging on Ipad by the end of May 2010. With these advancements, users can go for geotagging the tweets, Flikr photos and Wikipedia articles not only based on the location but also based on the topic or subject or people. GeoMashable client can organize the social network list views optimized for iPad and moreover, Wikipedia articles are tagged based on the geographical attractions and areas of interest at that particular location.

The latest advancements offered by the GeoMashable would make people cherish with the mashup experience on your iPad. You can also see the You Tube geotagged search in the coming advancements announced by GeoMashable. So, you can organize the information based on location, subject and persons on your iPad from the June, 2010. Try to visit the official website of the GeoMahsable to get to know more details.

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