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  • 327

    GateWall Mail Security 2.1 - total protection of your corporate email accounts

    Entensys, a leading software developer dealing in Internet security and information confidentiality solutions, is glad to announce the release of GateWall Mail Security 2.1.

    By : | 10-25-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 327

  • 325

    LANState Pro 6.0 Offers Visual Network Monitoring with SNMP Trap Support

    10-Strike Software today announces 10-Strike LANState Pro 6.0, a Windows-based network monitoring and management utility with a web UI.

    By : | 10-25-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 325

  • 568

    PixBuilder Studio: Advanced Photo Editing Program Free of Charge

    WnSoft company, known for its professional slideshow maker PicturesToExe Deluxe, has announced the release of PixBuilder Studio 2.0. It is a free program for image editing that features many advanced-level functions. Though PixBuilder Studio is absolutely free of charge, it is also free from annoying ads, non-removable search bars and other unwelcome features typical for freeware.

    By : | 10-04-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 568

  • 332

    Stimulsoft Reports.Fx. Convenient, Fast, Accurate

    Stimulsoft Company announces the release of version 2011.2 of reporting tools for Flex, PHP and Java technologies.

    By : | 09-29-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 332

  • 333

    Stimulsoft Reports. Much easier than you think

    Stimulsoft Company presents a new version 2011.2 of the Stimulsoft Reports product line. This line includes report generators for .NET, Web (ASP.NET), WPF, and Silverlight.

    By : | 09-28-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 333

  • 364

    Rainbow Web 3: Use Your Brain Power to Untangle the Web!

    Sugar Games, the independent game developer, has announced the release of Rainbow Web 3. The new installment in the Rainbow series delivers ever-addictive three-in-a-row game wrapped in a compelling storyline and enhanced with the fantasy graphics and soundtrack.

    By : | 09-27-2011 | Computer:Games and Entertainment | Total Views : 364

  • 379

    Free Dating Site Reveals Seasonal Survey Results

    The 100% free dating website has released some interesting study findings based on seasonal dating

    By : | 09-16-2011 | Business:Business | Total Views : 379

  • 353

    PicturesToExe 7.0 Released: the Smart Slideshow Maker Now Allows Adding Video Files

    WnSoft Ltd has announced version 7.0 of PicturesToExe Deluxe, the award-winning slideshow software. Along with the improved user interface the new major version offers advanced sharpness management options, and allows embedding video files in slideshows.

    By : | 09-12-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 353

  • 518

    FastReport VCL RAD Edition Becomes Part of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 (Pulsar)

    Fast Reports, Inc. has announced that its key report generator, FastReport VCL RAD Edition, will be supplied as part of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 (Pulsar), a new version of a comprehensive application development suite.

    By : | 09-04-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 518

  • 352

    AVI Trimmer + MKV 2.0 - Get a Fast and Lossless Video Editor for Free

    Solveig Multimedia has announced the release of AVI Trimmer + MKV 2.0, a new version of a free video editor for AVI and MKV files. Its simple interface, preservation of video quality and high productivity has made it one of the best free tools for video editing.

    By : | 08-17-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 352