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  • 393

    A New Method for Promoting Internet Projects through High-Resolution Webcam Broadcasts

    A new method for promoting Internet projects by using web cameras has come about, thanks to St. Petersburg Hotels. For the second year running, webcams are installed overlooking St. Petersburg sights, with live webcasting to the whole world through the company´s website.

    By : | 08-11-2011 | Technology:Internet | Total Views : 393

  • 348

    GateWall DNS Filter 2.0 - Full Fledged Service for URL Filtering

    Entensys, a leading software developer dealing in Internet security solutions, is glad to announce the release of its new version of the software product: GateWall DNS Filter 2.0.

    By : | 08-09-2011 | Computer:Security | Total Views : 348

  • 274

    MotorMusic: Estimate All the Merits of the Music Player by Testing the Free Version

    Squbo released the free version of MotorMusic - the iPhone and iPod application that allows you to play music files on your iPhone without looking at the screen. This player is created especially for convenient listening to the music while driving. The number of files you can download is limited in free version; all the other functions are represented in full.

    By : | 08-08-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 274

  • 343

    SHOOT´EM ALL: the upgraded version of the game is available in the App Store

    The new version of Shoot´em All from Squbo is now available for all those addicted to shooting gaming. Now, ten additional levels, in which two targets fly simultaneously, are available for you to become a real shooter. Fifteen new peculiar items such as a pretty red saucepan, cool monster or funny little animal are to be found in the targets gallery.

    By : | 08-04-2011 | Computer:Games and Entertainment | Total Views : 343

  • 290

    SSDReady provides Storage Managers with accurate lifetime estimation for Solid State Drives

    Cezeo Software, a world leading provider of multi-functional PC and server tools and utilities to improve productivity and efficiency, has developed SSDReady to provide an accurate lifetime estimate for IT & PC managers or company servers´ administrators. Solid State Disks (SSDs) provide ultra-fast access speeds and improved latency, however they have a limited lifespan when it comes to writing data to them.

    By : | 07-21-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 290

  • 363

    Rebranding of FastReport Studio Report Generator: New Names, New Capabilities

    Fast Reports has announced the rebranding of FastReport Studio, a popular report generating solution, and the release of FastReport for COM/ActiveX 4.9.

    By : | 07-20-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 363

  • 291

    NeoDownloader - Automate File Downloading & Save Time and Money

    Neowise Software has announced the release of NeoDownloader 2.7, a new version of the award-winning multimedia downloader. This fast, convenient and ad-free tool offers a lot of advanced features.

    By : | 07-19-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 291

  • 454

    Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java. Create Reports with Maximum Convenience and Compatibility

    Stimulsoft Company, a well-known manufacturer of software for data processing and analysis, announces the release of Stimulsoft Reports.Fx - the report generator adapted for the Java platform.

    By : | 07-15-2011 | Computer:Programming | Total Views : 454

  • 396

    Saint Petersburg Hotels´ Reservation Service Flexible Online Availability has installed and offered public access to several new online cameras from the Nevsky Prospekt to the Palace Bridge, which allow everybody to admire the beauty of the northern capital at any time of day and night. Snapshots in HD and live shots along with the photo gallery are available on the site. Some special videos like breeding of the bridge with a bird´s eye or Victory Day celebration have already gained their popularity even among foreign viewers.

    By : | 07-11-2011 | Consumer:Web sites | Total Views : 396

  • 355

    SolveigMM Revolutionizes Distribution and Retailing of Its Products Together with Tribeka Company

    Solveig Multimedia and Tribeka have announced the launch of their joint project: three most popular products of SolveigMM will be sold in retail outlets through SoftWide platform, a patented solution for in-store software manufacture by Tribeka.

    By : | 07-04-2011 | Computer:Software | Total Views : 355