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    Hire a Keynote Speaker to Get the Message Across to People - Says SyN LLC

    Communication can be the biggest hindrance when promoting a service, product or even a simple message. Keynote speakers from Speakers you Need LLC are the perfect answer to these inhibitions

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    Achiever McBeaver Character Education Begins Production Work On Bullying Prevention Sequel

    With the success of the character education series launched in August of 2008, the Achiever McBeaver educator team is set to roll out a new bullying prevention series.

    By : | 01-30-2010 | Education:College Or University | Total Views : 441

  • 199 Prevents Facebook Bullying and Stalking

    Due to bad etiquette, Facebook could easily become an uncomfortable place for social bullying and stalking.'s guide to Facebook etiquette helps users prevent these common problems on the world's biggest social networking site.

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    HR Focus – Your complete HR Guide

    HR Focus was established in 2006 after identifying a growing need for small and medium size businesses who do not have their own HR team. HR Focus is a strong advocate of professional HR standards within organizations, and brings a passion for HR that makes people count. They advise organizations on how to handle their HR operations as well handle small issues like bullying and harassment and other petty issue at workplace.

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