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    Serious accident after gas leak caused by pest control pesticides

    It has been reported that eighteen people were being treated in hospital following toxic gas escaping from a docked ship in Northern Ireland.

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    Commercial pest control London - Bed bugs in hotels

    There is a very serious bed bugs problem in London hotels, so it’s essential that you put into place a commercial pest control programme if you are a hotel or guesthouse owner in London.

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    Pest control London - Super mice evolving to resist most poisons

    Scientists are warning that some European mice have evolved to develop a strong resistance to the strongest poisons available on the market today.

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    Pest control London - City Council warn about winter cases of rats and mice

    Belfast City Council has warned people that they must winter proof their homes against mice and rats over the winter period otherwise they could be in for a shock.

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    Commercial pest control in London

    It has been reported that Tesco store in Covent Garden has a serious mouse problem, as discovered by on-site health inspectors.

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    Ways to Manage Pests

    The Pest Control Locally is one of the premier information resources for finding your own local Pest Control Company in the UK.

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