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    Make Products Pop Like Fireworks with Custom USA Stickers

    Lightning Labels' digital printing experts advise how to show patriotism and pride this summer with custom USA stickers.

    By : | 07-03-2013 | Business:Business | Total Views : 506

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    Beat the Heat with Fresh Summertime Marketing for Custom Labels and Stickers

    Printing Experts at Lightning Labels Release Tips to Make Products Timely, Attractive and Beach-Bag Friendly with Custom Labels and Stickers for Lip Balm, Lotion and More

    By : | 05-23-2013 | Business:Business | Total Views : 510

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    Enhance Your Brand Image with Custom Labels

    Label Printing Services is one stop solution for printing needs. We provide custom sticker printing and custom labels for your products which fit your business needs.

    By : | 07-28-2010 | Business:Publications | Total Views : 591

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    How Can Bumper and Round Stickers Generate Your Returns?

    Full colour round bumper stickers can surely help you to push up your sales and returns persistently. Online printing company offers cheap stickers printing to its valued customers both in UK and worldwide.

    By : | 07-28-2010 | Business:Advertising Or Marketing | Total Views : 336

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    E-LEM-inate Accidents with LEM Products

    LEM Products, Inc. is a leading label manufacturer of durable, tamper proof safety labels as well as reflective numbers and letters for effective warnings on electrical transformers for the Ultimate in Safety.

    By : | 03-04-2010 | Industry:Industry | Total Views : 574

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    Custom labels and emblems are available for best rates

    High quality labels and emblems are now for sale at online shop for best rates. You can also get customized rubber key chains and PVC labels.

    By : | 09-05-2011 | Business:Business | Total Views : 1232

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    Flexsystems Marketing Strategy Is "Made in the USA"

    Flexsystems is the only company in the USA to make the 3D pvc custom labels and rubber keychains, luggage tags, magnets and other promotional products. All the other companies are in China for the most part.

    By : | 05-20-2011 | Business:Business | Total Views : 897

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    IDentify-It Expands into Mobile Handheld Computers Market

    IDentify-It online, the UK’s internet based store for custom labels, label applicators and label dispensers has launched a series of innovative new products to target the rapidly expanding market of mobile computers.

    By : | 04-16-2011 | Consumer:Web sites | Total Views : 288

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    Identify-It Online Launches New Video Support Tools

    Identify-It online, (Oxford, UK) the UK’s internet based store for barcode scanners, custom labels, label applicators and label dispensers has launched a series of new web tools whose function is to act as an informational tool for customers.

    By : | 02-09-2011 | Technology:Technology | Total Views : 333