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    Emma Harrison CBE’s response to Mr Cameron’s speech on Troubled Families

    Over the past year Emma Harrison CBE has volunteered her time to spearhead ‘Working Families Everywhere’, an exemplar project that has been working with eight Local Authorities to help long-term unemployed families back into work.

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    VitaeWho™ aims to help job seekers keep track of their cover letters and resumes.

    VitaeWho ( is a free web application that tracks each job lead along with an individualized cover letter and resume. The application enables users to save potential leads from numerous sources, then assists in prioritizing the leads to identify those that need immediate attention. Each job posting maintains a separate contact list, to keep names and information associated with the position.

    By : | 09-16-2010 | Employment Or Careers:Employment Or Careers | Total Views : 697

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    70+ Ways to Save Black Boys in America during Black History Month

    The authors provide an insightful and inspiring discussion on the plight of black boys and how to help them. The subject is timely during Black History Month and will certainly create emotional responses from individuals.

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  • 351 Fights the Unemployment Rate and Offers Excellent Income Opportunity

    You may be amazed to hear that there are over 180 million field inspections ordered every single year.

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    Blogging for Money can ease the High rate of Black Self-Unemployment

    Blogging for money offers a valuable option for economically hard hit African-Americans to create a viable passive income stream. A new tutorial page shows those looking for online self-employment how to blog for a living with little to no investment.

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    Personal Career Solutions Can Help To Beat Unemployment Worries

    Although unemployment figures have bounced slightly, they are still incredibly high as more people face redundancy and unemployment. Personal Career Solutions can help professionals and executives to forge a new career and advance their existing skills.

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    Economic Crisis Dashes Future College Graduates Dreams

    Authors Suggest New Job Strategies for New College Graduates as well as other Adults.

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    Winning STEP Announces New Blog “Whitney’s Winning STEPs”

    Winning STEP’s new interactive blog for people who are facing life transitions provides strategies for college, career and independence to empower individuals to step up to their future and make successful life transitions.

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    AssessmentDay Comment on Slight Drop in UK Unemployment

    According to new figures released by the Office for National Statistics, the UK has seen a marginal decrease in unemployment from the three months prior to September 2010.

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    MCSE and other IT vender qualifications keep unemployment at bay

    People need to keep abreast of developments in IT. It's an ever-evolving and ever-changing market and the pace of change is always very quick in IT.

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