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RaidLabs Inc. is a company that provides effective recovery solutions to repair or recover damaged or deleted files
BC, Canada, British Columbia, Canada ( 09/10/2010

"RaidLabs Inc. is a company that provides effective recovery solutions to repair or recover damaged or deleted files "

Vancouver, Canada 04.10.2010 - RaidLabs Inc is a company, whose priorities are in repairing damaged files and folders, fixing corrupted partitions, recovering deleted files and unformatting the formatted discs. Recovering files is a technically advanced and complicated process. It is made simple through a wizard user-interface which is user friendly. It allows the user to perform a complex process by breaking it into a series of simple and defined steps. RAID recovery offers comprehensible solutions to every recovery problems.

Partition Recovery is used to recover data from damaged, lost, deleted or reformatted partitions. It is a sophisticated software tool that is designed for easy access to all users. It is useful for recovering a deleted partition image file or important documents on a disk volume lost due to damage caused by a system malfunction or a virus effected disc volume or any other type of data corruption.

The RAID data recovery software can recover data from hard drives, secure digital cards, USB discs, drive images, compact flash cards and more. The software is suitable for Microsoft Windows 9x, Vista, NT, XP, 2000 etc. It supports different file systems like FAT32, FAT, NTFS5 and NTFS. RaidLAbs Inc is focused on restoring files that are most important and ensures that that its products are consumer friendly. It is a well known name in the data recovery market for providing advanced and sophisticated technical solutions. Redundant Array of Independent Discs or RAID is a technology that combines multiple disc drives through redundancy to increase accessibility and reliability of the data. An advanced RAID data recovery software tool is required to recover or repair the data lost from a disc assembled in to a RAID array.

RAID recovery tool from RaidLabs is comprehensible and is intended for usage in homes and offices. It detects the configuration and type of an array automatically and guides the user through the recovery process. It works on all types of RAID arrays that are commonly used and is able to function in the presence or absence of a RAID controller. It comes with significant features that are a must in any recovery product. Live Preview enables the user to view the recoverable files before the purchase of the software. Uneraser programs are useful for all kinds of users. They can be used to unerase files at homes or offices. Different type of files like documents, MP3, images, damaged discs; folders and zip files that were deleted can be unerased using the program. The partition recovery software also recovers damaged, lost, deleted partitions, virtual disks and all other information that can be accumulated on them.

About is the official website of the leading company RaidLabs Inc. The company provides recovery products that are user friendly and affordable. It provides detailed information of wide range of products like RAID data recovery software and partition recovery. It lets the user preview the effectiveness of a product and allows online downloading. It also provides effective customer support to the prospective clients.

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