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How Eco-Friendly Modernized an 82 Year Old Company

How uses environmentally friendly products as a model for better business practices and customer commitment.
Brooklyn, NY, United States of America ( 07/11/2010
Brooklyn, New York (November, 2010) -, a service of Haskell New York Inc. (established 1928), earned its reputation through fast/friendly service, competitive pricing and eco-friendly products. Having survived eight decades of changes, this company knows what it takes to win customer loyalty and works hard every day to prove it. Now in its 3rd generation, Haskell remains committed to its customers and providing eco-friendly products and office supplies/office furniture/printing services for a reasonable price.

As part of that commitment, Haskell personally reviews many of its environmentally friendly products and regularly uses some at the office as well. From corn starch utensils, sugar cane plates/bowls/cups to biodegradable trash bags; this online store provides a way for companies to have office parties with easy cleanups without all the guilt.

When requested, Haskell distributed free samples of corn starch forks, spoons and knives and received a positive response; these utensils are produced from a renewable resource and do not contaminate the environment with polymers which take long periods to break down. Sugar cane plates/bowls/cups offered by are biodegradable as well as compostable; the best thing about them is that they do not need petroleum to produce. Biodegradable trash bags offered by this online store fully degrade when disposed of in commercial landfills and leave no harmful residues.

Yet another great thing about this online store is that it provides all its products at reasonable rates without compromising on quality. Haskell’s excellent service and commitment to providing quality products continues to make the company grow even in a bad economy.

This online store believes in the concept of green. In fact, its programming department is almost 100 percent paperless. When paper is needed, if recycled products will do the job just as well, Haskell works hard to make sure its internal practices are consistent with its business philosophy. also provides a way of making going green fun. In addition to a rewards program that doesn’t just limit the user to basic need items as rewards, Haskell provides games that allow users to win credits that can be applied to any item in their large selection of reward items including everything from digital cameras to high end laser printers.

Today, Haskell continues its commitment to providing innovative products like antimicrobial calculators, antimicrobial keyboards, antimicrobial clipboards and more. This commitment ensures that customers are aware of choices that can make them not only greener but also healthier as well.


This website brought in by Haskell New York Inc. is undoubtedly the best place to pick up biodegradable products. If you want to do your bit towards Mother Nature then visit this website right away. I am certain you will like the huge variety of environmental friendly products offered by this online store. For more information please contact them at :

Phone: 212-343-2626
Address: 1946 Ocean Ave, 2nd floor
Zip: 11230
City/Town: Brooklyn
State/Province: New York
Country: United States


Phone: 212-343-2626 Email: Address: 1946 Ocean Ave, 2nd floor Zip: 11230 City/Town: Brooklyn State/Province: New York Country: United States


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Haskell New York Inc. 1946 Ocean Ave
Zipcode : 11230