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Volunteer Challenge talks about working of environmental volunteer organizations

Volunteer Challenge is a popular program that works for the development of the Bolivian community. It encourages volunteers to be a part of their projects and allow them to participate in different projects.
Bolivia, Santa Cruz , Bolivia ( 26/11/2010
Volunteer Challenge, a popular volunteer program shares knowledge about how the volunteers work with them. The program runs various projects and encourages volunteers from all across the world to work with them. The program has been working in Bolivia since 2004 and is known to offer good living conditions to the volunteers. The organization recently shared more information about the working of the environmental volunteer working under their environmental project.

Talking about the working, Mrs. Teresa Tellez, founder of the program said, “We encourage all the volunteers to know about the Bolivian culture and allow them to live within the community. The volunteers who like to participate in the environmental programs need to stay in Bolivia for at least two weeks. The meals and accommodation are provided by us and this allows the volunteers to enjoy an affordable vacation in Bolivia. They can stay for longer and can participate in different activities and programs related to animals, plants, etc.”

The volunteers working in the ecological program can look after the animals wherein they may be required to clean the cages, feed them and make sure that they are comfortable in their natural habitat. If someone is close to plants and trees then he can also look after them. Under this, they would be required to trim the plats and clear the visitor’s path regularly. They may also be required to look after the general maintenance of the park. There are other areas of work also and the volunteers can choose the one that they are comfortable with.

As far as the living conditions are concerned, the volunteers get to stay with the natives which allow them to learn about their culture. The ecological park where the volunteers work is about 15 minutes away from the home stay. The candidates are free to explore the area around during the free time and also have access to the market, banks and ATM, internet and phone. If interested, then the volunteers can be a part of more than one program at a time as well.

Commenting on the other projects offered by the program, Mrs. Teresa Tellez said, “apart from the ecological projects, we also have educational programs wherein the volunteers get to educate the children. Our educational program at orphanage, creative education program, and programs for English education is also very popular. Other than this, there are sports caching, tourism development, cultural restoration program, wildlife conservation projects and other such projects. The candidates can apply for the program that appeals to him and be a part of our special projects.”

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