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Gobi Tushleg Minerals: The best place to buy fluorspar

Gobi Tushleg Minerals is one the leading fluorspar manufacturers in Mongolia.
Gobi Sumber Aimag., Mongolia., Mongolia ( 26/11/2010
Gobi Sumber Aimag, Mongolia (November, 2010) – Gobi Tushleg Minerals needs no introduction; this company has built its reputation by vending out fluorspar at reasonable attractive rates plus quantities direct to their clients without involving any middle men. One thing I really adore about this company is that it can handle orders up to 1000 metric tons per month. Their goal is to offer best service, reliable delivery and cheapest price. No wonder this company is so recommended.

Gobi Tushleg Minerals reserves a major portion of their income in upgrading and updating their equipment, machinery plus plant in order to meet up with international standards. Flurospar offered by this company is a halide mineral made of calcium fluoride, CaF2. It is an isometric mineral which has a cubic habit. There are three principal kinds of industrial use for fluorite matching to distinct grades of purity. Metallurgical grade is the lowest of the three grades and has conventionally been utilized as a flux for lowering melting point of raw material in steel production to abet removal of impurities. Ceramic grade is utilized in manufacturing of enamels, opalescent glass and cooking utensils. Outstanding service provided by this company is one of the main reasons why they have a vast client base. This company has a total capacity of 50,000 metric tons yearly. As this company does mining and as well as exports it is able to deliver flurospar at economical prices. After mining and transport to Choir city at the edge of Gobi; this company does the crushing, sorting and final packing at their warehousing by the railway station before final delivery. Numerous people believe that The Gobi is one of the most unfriendly areas of the world but this company completely understands its value and makes use of this rich desert in the best possible way; metspar fluorite is one of the most vital minerals that you could find in Dund-Govi. Flurospar grades retailed out by this company cover CAF2 60% to 97% with sizes 60 mesh to 400 mesh.

Gobi Tushleg Minerals has portfolio of 7 open pit mines in the Dund-Govi; it has its own export office and offer fluorite directly to its foreign clients. This company has clients from across the globe that is why their employees speak English, Netherlands, Danish, Deustsch, Chinese and Mongolian for making their clients comfortable.

This company does everything possible to make certain that their clients get the best possible deal. Now that’s really amazing!!

About Gobi Tushleg Minerals

This company is undoubtedly an expert when it comes to fluorspar. If you are looking out for fluorspar at economical rates then visit their website right away. I am certain you will get the best quality fluorspar, metspar fluorite at the best price. For more information please contact them at
Choir City.
Khokhor District.
Gobi Sumber Aimag.
Tel +97695400968
E-Fax +18664610516



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Choir City. Khokhor District.
Zipcode : 98020

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