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Get Easy HVAC Coil Replacement Services from Southern Comfort Coil

Southern Comfort Coil offers high quality services for HVAC coil replacement that help you curb your energy bills considerably.
St.Petersburg, FL, United States of America ( 06/12/2010
Ever wondered why your household heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit increases its energy consumption over the years. This increase in the energy consumption shows on your electricity bills. The primary reason for such inconsistencies is corrosion, the universal enemy. Corrosion eats away the main copper and aluminum lining that resides in the HVAC units. As the HVAC coils get contaminated by corrosion and other natural elements that encourage corrosion the working efficiency of the unit decrease, and as a result there is an increase in its energy consumption. But Southern Comfort Coil, LLC has come up with smart and easy solutions that help you fight corrosion and the increase in the electricity bills.

Southern Comfort Coil, LLC understands HVAC units like none other. This intensive knowledge and expertise of the firm helps in recognizing the common problems of the household HVAC coils. Contaminated HVAC coils not only result in increased energy consumption bills but also create health problems by circulating bad air that passes through the contaminated tubes of the HVAC coil unit system. The certified experts at Southern Comfort Coil are fully trained and have heaps of hands on experience of working with contaminated HVAC coils and HVAC coil replacement in Florida and neighboring southern states. The unmatched experience and expertise of the professional coil contractors help the homes stay clean with minimum energy consumption. One of the major reasons of HVAC coil contamination is the high amounts of moisture and the presence of heat and salt in the air in the southern temperate areas in and around Florida.

The superior ElectroFin e-coat technology found exclusively at Southern Comfort Coil LLC significantly adds a leading edge over other contractors and their HVAC coil solutions. With the ElectroFin e-coat technology Southern Comfort Coil, LLC coats the HVAC coil to make it resilient against the corrosion and contamination elements so that the lifetime of the product is enhanced and it stays clean for years to come. This technology is specifically introduced for the tropical climate of the regions in and around Florida where there is an abundance of heat, salt, and moisture in the winds that corrode the HVAC coil systems. An anti-corrosion material is coated around the HVAC coil to protect it against contamination and the aforementioned natural corrosion elements. Thus HVAC coil replacement from Southern Comfort Coil, LLC assures you of a long lasting, durable, and reliable HVAC coil system that helps you curb on the increasing energy bills and stay healthy always.


Southern Comfort Coil LLC specializes in HVAC coil replacement in Florida. The contractors supply coils of all the materials to fit into any manufacturers with assured fit and high performance for Florida.


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