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Coal Seam Gas /CBM Production in Australia, China, India and Indonesia will Witness Significant Increase by 2015
Hyderabad, AP, India ( 09/12/2010
The CBM or Coal Seam Gas (CSG) production in Australia, China, India and Indonesia is expected to witness a significant increase by 2015. Increasing domestic energy demand, regulatory and policy changes favouring CBM development, attractive fiscal terms, Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) and aggressive government targets will accelerate the commercial production of CBM by 2015. The total CBM production from these countries will increase from the current 14.9 million standard cubic meters per day (MMscmd) in 2009 to 64.9.MMscmd in 2015, reflecting a four-fold growth in CBM production.

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The governments of coal-rich Asian countries have opened up CBM exploration to foreign companies. Foreign participation has provided much needed investment and brought in expertise and experience to develop the CBM projects. Asian countries have attracted significant foreign collaboration through the award of CBM blocks through competitive bidding. In India, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) has awarded 33 blocks so far in four CBM licensing rounds. China has awarded 27 blocks in 30 PSCs. Indonesia has 20 PSCs in place, while Vietnam has two PSCs so far. Among the foreign companies, Dart Energy and BP plc have a significant presence. In China, 18 foreign companies are active in CBM exploration in 27 blocks. In Indonesia, Exxon Mobil, BP and ENI SpA have important CBM blocks. Dart Energy and Keeper Resource Inc. are dominant players in the CBM exploration in Vietnam. The table below gives the details of foreign and government companies active in CBM exploration and production in China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Global Data’s new report, “Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM) in Asia - Market Analysis, Investment Scenario, Production Forecasts and Competitive Landscape to 2015” analyzes the development of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) resources in Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The report assesses the CBM potential in each of these countries with a focus on CBM reserves, basins and current production (if any). It elaborates on various government, regulatory policies and CBM production targets to promote the development of CBM resources and examines their impact on the growth of CBM. The development of the CBM market in each of the countries in relation to exploration and planned projects and the utilization of CBM has been provided in the report. The report analyzes the competitive scenario of the CBM market in each country, focusing on the important companies engaged in CBM exploration and development and their operations. The report details investments, mergers and acquisitions in the CBM market in each country and forecasts CBM production in Australia, China, India and Indonesia to 2015.

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