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Farmville is one of the most played games on the internet. To do well in the one game one must be aware of tips & tricks unknown to many. is a site dedicated to educating people about how to do well in this game.
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"FarmVille Cheats, FarmVille Hacks, FarmVille Tips, FarmVille Tricks, FarmVille Secrets"

US, February 2010 – There is only one answer to the question on which is the internet game with the highest users. The answer is Farmville. Millions of users play this game with religious dedication everyday. What keeps them hooked to the game is its various tasks, rewards and friendly interface. Though many users are addicted to the game, they are not at the top of the game because they do not know many tricks of the game by which they can do very well. Now there is good news for all Farmville users because there is a site dedicated to sharing all the useful tips, tricks and secrets of Farmville. The FarmVille Guides site helps you become an expert and excel in this game. The site also keeps update on the latest version and new features of the game. By following this users can be knowledgeable about the latest features of the game ensuring they aren’t losing rewards due to ignorance of the new versions or features. Effectively this dedicated site provides users FarmVille Tricks to do well in the game by knowing new features before others.

The site has a aesthetic design and navigational aids. The posts make understanding very easy, each accompanies graphics and screen shots. All posts are suitably categorized to aid easy access to information. The categories are: Guide, How To, Prizes, Strategy, Tips & Tricks, and Update. This helps users navigate to right places and get the required information. For example, a user looking for only ‘How to’ posts can jump straight to ‘How to’ category and see all posts under it. Further complete list of tags used helps finding information easier. For example just by clicking on the tag ‘mystery boxes’, you are presented with all related post.

Often users have many questions like, how to get Farmville cash, how to get more chicken coops in farmville, how to stack hay bales in Farmville etc. All of these answered in detail on the Farm Ville Guides website which educates you with all FarmVille Tips and FarmVille Secrets. Also the site provides with farm ville hacks to help you do in the game. Farm Ville Cheats helps you in using to your advantage any feature of the game. The site educates on you glitches like the New Multiple Chicken Coop Glitch. The site also helps you know what’s after level 70 in the game, or how to earn all gloves in two days.

About by Sometric is a site dedicated to tips, tricks and secrets of Farmville. The game is played by millions around the world. The tips and tricks help users to know many secrets and do well in the game.

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