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Buy Top Grade Expanding Foam Products Online at Somafix

One of the easiest ways to order any expanding foam products you need is to go online to Somafix. We offer a wide range of top grade building and construction supplies at competitive prices.
London, London, United Kingdom ( 19/01/2011
Expanding foam is one of those essential products used in many different construction and remodelling projects. This foam is stored in pressured containers and expands quickly when applied to gaps, cracks and cavities.

Andrew Richards for Somafix had the following to say “Expanding foam available from Somafix is ideal for use by professionals. Our products are European certified and tested for quality. You can buy expanding foam from Somafix that will cure in just 2 to 4 hours. This means you can get on with the next job without too much waiting around. Somafix expanding foam products are highly versatile”. They can offer a number of benefits including:

- Powerful Adhesion – as long as you prepare surfaces properly Somafix expanding foam will stick effectively with minimal ‘drawing back’. This creates a strong and durable barrier to prevent dampness and drafts.

- Insulation – expanding foam is useful for blocking gaps and holes around the home to help reduce heat loss. It has excellent insulating properties and prevents drafts.

- Water Proofing – expanding foam can be an effective way to proof buildings against exterior damp. You can use this foam to quickly fill gaps and cavities in brickwork, door ways and window sills.

- Sound Proofing - expanding foam can also provide additional soundproofing to interiors.

Easy Access

Ordering online from Somafix is very quick and easy. You can access our online catalogue 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that you will not have to worry about going out to buy products such as expanding foam during any limited opening hours. You can browse through the building supplies available and order what you need in just the click of a button.

Online Payment

It is also easy to pay online with our secure payment gateway. Once you have selected the expanding foam (and any other products) you want simply add them to your shopping basket. Then you can go to the checkout and pay instantly online. We offer a choice of payment methods including all the major credit/debits cards (Visa, MasterCard etc) and also PayPal. This is the fast and convenient to pay for what you need.

Fast Delivery

When you order with Somafix your building supplies can be delivered quickly to your door (fast delivery mainland UK orders only). This means you will not have to wait around for the materials and supplies you need to get your job finished. You can have your order delivered directly to your home or place of work. Just specify the correct delivery address when you process your order.


Somafix ( ) can offer a good selection of top grade expanding foam products. These can provide effective solutions for a wide range of professional building and construction projects.



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