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Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for UCSB Students

Search engine marketing mentorship program finds a win win between UCSB Students and local marketing firm. This series of web boot camps offers participants an rare education in online business, taught by fortune 500 SEO Consultant Taylor Reaume. The program consist of 4 modules; SEO, Social Media, PPC & Web Design. "Search Engine Pro" certificates are awarded for every module completed.
Santa Barbara, California, United States of America ( 30/01/2011
This boot camp programs provide access to all the elements participants need to solve common online business problems. The program consist of 4 modules; SEO, Social Media, PPC & Web Design. Each module takes 3 months to complete. Certificates are awarded for every module completed. Participants can also take advantage of a secure online environment with additional information and resources—and dozens of eBooks and videos packed with valuable Internet marketing insight. In addition, each individual receives personalized support throughout the week by email or Skype calls to address any challenges they might encounter before the next week’s call.

The mentorship program consists of four modules and requires a six month minimum commitment with added perks, such as access to your own hosted web site and various etools if you continue the program for another six months. Part I consists of two modules, SEO and Social Media and spans February, March and April for the SEO portion and May, June and July for the Social Media Portion. Part II, consist of two modules PPC and Web Design, and spans August, September and October, and concluding the year with November, December and January Web Design module. The Search Engine Pros offer you the opportunity to help promote a real client's domain (under our direction) based on an approval system.

To apply for the program: please visit our on-line application form at Time commitment: The mentorship program requires that you meet with your mentor every Monday at noon for the update call. Participants are required to put in least 5-10 hours of work per week and are also encouraged to attend the Thursday Workshop at The Eagle Inn on West Beach (optional). Deadline to apply: Applications are accepted up until the starting day of the first module (first of the month).

The Search Engine Pros mentorship program also teaches critical life concepts as they relate to e-business, especially useful for college graduates entering the workforce. The program challenges students to bring truth and clarity to their passions in life. Taylor remarks, "As with anything in life, it takes a remarkable level of passion to accomplish anything significant, hence developing a deep understanding of one’s strengths, passions, and the time value of money concept will save years of frustration and accelerate success with online business.”

Educational internet marketing programs such as this have been previously sold for $5-7,000 per year. Taylor Reaume, however, is committed to assisting enthusiastic, success oriented individuals at no cost through a win win mentorship. The 12 Month mentorship program is not the typical kind of Internet marketing coaching and mentoring. It’s a complete solution that empowers individuals with a valuable skill set that enables them to be on the cutting edge of e-business today. Group discussions cover a wide range of topics such as organization, strategy, technical aspects, marketing, business, sales and even Social Business concepts. The program’s participants will enjoy the following benefits:

* connect with self-motivated, like-minded people
* secure valuable insights on Internet marketing
* consideration for full time employment with
* graduates obtain official "The Search Engine Pro" award and certification
* graduates get a 10 Page Hosted Word Press Web Site on a topic of their choice


The Search Engine Pros and Taylor Reaume has over a decade of expertise in e-business, finance and marketing. Taylor has developed numerous Websites and online businesses, as well as sold several of the largest online music communities to fortune 500 Jupiter Media and Getty Images. Taylor, who holds a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Marketing and Economics, is an internet entrepreneur and owner of the search engine marketing firm The Search Engine Additionally, he has a strong track reco


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