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GrowTraffic Launches New SEO Services Website

As the Internet changes can you afford not to be using up to the minute internet marketing techniques? SEO Auditing is fast becoming the preferred solution to keeping on top of a business’s online presence.
Lancs, UK, United Kingdom ( 30/01/2011
Nowadays most companies have a website, most of them are static sites that are a few years old and a lot of them do a good job in generating traffic which converts into sales or opportunities for a business.

However, the way people have used the Internet has moved on since a static website was everything a business needed to have an online presence.

The Internet moves fast, a great example can be seen that in 2004 social websites had virtually no share of the market, in July 2010 Facebook alone reported reaching over 500 million users, which represents around 13% of the global population. Business owners should be thinking to themselves how they can embrace the revolutions taking place every day online and how they can be implemented into their websites and online marketing strategies.

Traditionally, SEO has solely concentrated on gaining positions for customers in the search engines, however as the way users interact with the internet as a whole changes so too does the way the search engines interpret how it’s users want to have its results qualified, that means SEO is crossing over into many other spheres of internet use, including the use of social media.

Due to a growth in the number of requests for SEO Audits that provide a detailed analysis of the online marketing activities of a business and create SEO strategies for the business to implement GrowTraffic has launched a new SEO Auditing service at

SEO Audits are the basis for the future development of a website and an online marketing strategy. As such our expert Search Marketing and Finding Strategists carry out this service and give one to one feedback on the conclusions and how to implement the SEO Audit’s strategy.

GrowTraffic’s founder and senior SEO Consultant Simon Dalley explained “Regular reassessments of a company’s website and online presence is imperative as the internet is moving at such a fast pace. We’ve seen a massive growth in demand for this service and that’s why it was decided to separate this out as a stand-alone service at”



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