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Dave Beck Refuses To Partner Up With The Cash Tracking System See Why

Get all the real facts and details about this system that really could change your mind on why you should do your research before sending on your cash gift to get involved.
Chicago, IL, United States of America ( 30/01/2011
When introduced to the cash tracking system Dave Beck was asked to take a look at it and give an honest review if he would partner up with the program or not. When he really went to work and started going through the information on this system he found some major disadvantages with this program which needs to be issued on.

The first thing that really is a turn off is that it is a 1 up program that involves qualifying. Meaning to be able to receive cash gifts you have to pass up your first cash gift to your inviter just to be qualified to receive gifts. This actually looses momentum for the individual going out and applying themselves by putting in the time and effort into marketing the program says Dave.

The cash tracking system claims to have a fully automated system that when you go out and market the program and have traffic coming to your website that you will get people to join you and this is not always the case since when doing research there is no option for putting up pictures or videos of yourself on the site. This is key to not only branding yourself, but starting the relationship building process with your visitors and prospects states Dave Beck.

It is important to understand that people want to know who they are joining by see personalization from the individual who owns the site. They want to see pictures and videos so they get to know you better and have a better feel for who you are and can determine if they want to partner with you or not also says Dave.

Also when researching the site there was not much information on how you can market the cash tracking system or really providing any info on what internet marketing training, support, or mentoring will be provided from the individual you are joining and from the CTS program. They say that you can plug into some stuff that they use to drive traffic to your site, but that is really not enough information for anybody starting out especially a complete newbie in this industry.

Dave Beck states that the cash tracking system might have been around for a little while and sounds like it is really easy to make money with, but that is really where it stops since there is not enough information being provided. And the most important thing to remember is that in 1 up programs your inviter the person you are joining is most likely not going to help you much since he or she will not make any money from you after you join and pass up your first gift.

Unless you join at a lower level where you would have to upgrade to a higher level to not have to pass up gifts to your inviter when people join you at higher levels. If you are ready to learn more about a residual based program like the peoples program that provides team ship and real internet marketing training and support then read and follow the information in the resource box below.


Dave Beck the mentor on believes that the Peoples Program cash gifting would open wide arrays of opportunities to live a life that you desire. The Peoples Program cash gifting is available to you at nine different levels from $150 - $10,000 along with integrated marketing tools that are given at no extra cost.


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