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Soloscript Presents more that is worth Knowing on AJAX Edit in Place & Ajax Application Development

Soloscript is getting more informative and its good news for the frequent knowledge gainers. More is added on to the already listed Ajax tutorial covering topics that hold paramount importance with examples given.
Pomona, California, United States of America ( 31/01/2011
Soloscript gives a head start to learners online, right towards gaining information that is worthwhile with the most popular tutorial online. Ajax tutorial and scripts cover topics that brings in place new approaches to Ajax on Ajax Edit In Place with Prototype, Ajax tutorial based on Try/Catch Blocks of Code, Ajax tutorial on how to use Dojo in combination with JSON to Build Ajax Applications and valuable and notable study materials on Ajax application development.

“We feel proud to add on to our list, more on one of the great articles by Drew McLellan that explains editing inline text and the fascination of the author behind it towards its approach of altering text. This Ajax tutorial presents a generalized idea to the all-new approach. Soloscript can do a great deal to help you refer from some of the most valuable resources and scripts explaining ‘try/catch’ code in Ajax. Nurture your programming skills by referring to Ajax tutorial on Ajax applications using Dojo and JSON, an entirely new technology to enhance the interface and usability of web applications.” As commented by Andy Anand, CEO,

AJAX Edit In Place with Prototype is based on Drew McLellan using Flick as an example to work with heavy lifting procedures enabling inline text editing and further generalizing it for ease of learning. Ajax tutorial on Try/Catch code tries one or more pieces of code with the ‘Catch’ code implemented to take care of the errors letting the program to continue even if there is error. Revolutionary as it seems this Ajax tutorial is worth exploring online. Further, the site shows three different ways to make a new XMLHttpRequest object using Try/Catch code Ajax tutorial. Looking into the high popularity rating of Ajax, Soloscript has enhanced the listing of Ajax tutorial into a more quality search of tutorials educating learners on techniques to develop applications similar to Gmail and Google. The Ajax tutorial as given in site not only contains examples in it but also demonstrates creation of custom Dojo widgets. Learners can study more about the comparison made between Dojo and Prototype Toolkits. More on Ajax tutorial online at


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