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Heat Seal Tester released by Labthink

Heat Seal Tester released by Labthink is an ideal tester for determining heat seal parameters.
Jinan, Shandong, China ( 01/03/2011
Labthink Heat Seal Tester HST-H3 is a worldwide popular model for its high accuracy, reliability quality and user friendly design.

As we know, three parameters determine the heat seal quality a certain film: heat seal temperature, heat seal pressure and heat seal dwell time. Learning the three parameters is very useful for controlling the heat seal quality, improving producing efficiency and establishing product line standards, etc.

Labthink Heat Seal Tester HST-H3 conformed to ASTM F2029 is applicable to determine the seal parameters(heat seal temperature, heat seal pressure and heat seal dwell time) of basic film, laminated films, coating paper and other heat sealing laminated films.

HST-H3 Heat Seal temperature is controlled by digit P.I.D, which can reach to the pre-set test temperature quickly and accurately. Besides HST-H3 is incorporated with even-temperature heating pipe which makes the test temperature very even.
HST-H3 Heat Seal pressure is equipped with underlying double cylinder simultaneous loop, which keeps the upper and lower heat seal surface absolute paralleled. The cylinder underlying design makes the operation stable. Moreover, HST-H3 outfit with high precise pressure sensor. All the designs keep the pre-set pressure accurate.

HST-H3 Heat Seal dwell time is controlled by chip and magnetic switch. The chip can control the accuracy of the time up to 1/65526 s. The magnetic switch can distinguish the heat seal surface moving time and heat seal dwell time, which is more accurate. Magnetic switch is crucial for choosing an excellent and precise heat seal tester.

Choose Labthink Heat Seal Tester HST-H3 for your evaluating of heat seal parameters. To learn more about HST-H3, please visit Labthink official or contact


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