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King David Garage Door Repair Long Island NY,Garage door openers ,garage door expert

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Queens, NY, United States of America ( 13/03/2011
1. Garage Door Openers Types
Are you in search of a new garage door opener? Incase if the one that you had before stopped working or if you didn’t have one such opener before you might have to know more about garage door opener types before leaping in to a purchase decision. Few years back garage door openers were considered luxury, whereas today such systems are pretty common in almost all households.
Garage door openers fall in to mainly three categories. They are distinguished based on the factor of mechanical drive used in the system. The most popular and efficient type is the chain driven garage door opener followed by screw driven openers and belt driven openers. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.
• Chain driven garage door opener
This popular model is one that is proven to be cost effective and is truly reliable. It is less expensive and the only drawback is the noise produced due to the movement of the chain. This can be a potential problem in case if the garage is close to the house or attached to the house walls. The noise is not a big issue the proximity of the house and the garage is longer. You also need to be careful about the horsepower of the motor used in the system. In normal residential uses a ½ horsepower is more than enough. Now if you want a speedy movement of the garage doors, a ¾ horse powered motor can be a good upgrade.
• Belt driven garage door openers
Noise might be fine with some and for sure a nuisance to some others. Yes, your close neighbors at least, especially when you stay in link houses. In such situations you can opt for a belt driven garage door opener which is quieter in its movements. Cost wise, both chain types and belt types are almost equal but the silent movement of the belt is an added advantage. The rubber belt might cost you more or less the same as a chain depending upon its quality.
• Screw driven garage door openers
These are the cheapest options available among garage door openers. The system is also the slowest one with a threaded steel rod replacing the chain or belt that we saw in previous models. One drawback that can be pointed out is that screw driven garage door openers requires a consistent climate for an optimal level use. Hence it is advisable to install such openers in places that have constant weather conditions related to temperature. This indicates the use of such openers in the temperate area. This is also a good option for those who hardly use their garage. The reduced demand makes it difficult to find screw driven garage door openers in the market easily.
Before purchasing garage door openers make sure that you are well aware of the various options available and understand which one will closely match with your requirements. Remember, a garage door opener installation should stay for a longer period and hence the decision must be perfect.
The most popular companies who make garage door openers in usa are: liftmaster , genie ,craftsman.
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