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Custom Sports Kits Manufacturer, Team Colours, Revolutionise Online Customer Service

Team Colours, the UK custom sports and clothing manufacturer, lead the way in their industry when it comes to online customer control and service. The recent launch of their new website heralds in a truly unique experience and incredible customisation options for theircustom sports kits and clothing customers.
Hertfordshire, UK, Ukraine ( 15/03/2011
Following an ambitious and revolutionary new project, involving nearly a year of development and redesign, custom sports kit and clothing manufacturer Team Colours have unveiled their brand new website with a remarkable new ‘automatic-quotation’ system.

This new change is more than a standard re-design, the new overhaul of features now includes:

A smart algorithm to determine accurate prices on completely custom clothing

An online payments system allowing various methods and payments options

Greater customer control with sample and fabric requests

A ‘live help’ feature, allowing customers to discuss orders with sales staff online

The new development is the latest in Team Colours 10 year history as a company. As a specialist provider of custom sports kits and leisurewear, Team Colours need to deal with customers’ very detailed and specific requests. Previous versions of the website ( have allowed enquiries and different contact forms, but have never allowed direct orders because the various options incur different costs.

Until now this has stood as the main obstacle to online customer service, but a remarkable new achievement, using complex programming and a new content management system, incorporates all of these factors and allows greater customer service and support than ever before. For example when ordering a custom tracksuit, a clever series of calculations can note your fabric, collar, lining or zip options, and provide the correct and accurate price instantly rather than relying on vague estimates.

The site is an industry first when it comes to customer control; new features for customers to request fabric samples prior to placing an order, or to upload images of their team badge before specifying personalisation details, mark a significant change in customer relationships and demonstrates the modern capabilities of internet shopping. A complicated order, which would previously have depended on sales staff availability, can now be carried out anytime day or night, with additional one-to-one help available via the site’s chat feature. The customer’s ease of service is completed with options for safe online payments via HSBC Secure server or Paypal.

Team Colour’s unique services have always inspired an inventive approach to customer service. Many popular features from the original site have been updated and are continued to the new site, such as downloading garment templates for sublimation design, the ability to communicate through a range of social media, options to place traditional one-off enquiries or to use the bespoke designer tools at

The array of options and features, created for better functionality and content availability, provide a truly unique experience and incredible customisation options. Never has a customer had so much control when it comes to online shopping.

So if you want your team to enjoy the best performance and feel proud of their sports kits, whether they are custom football kits, custom netball kits ( ) or custom kit for any sport, then order from Team Colours.



Team Colours is an ambitious, forward-looking sportswear, school and leisurewear manufacturer located in Hertfordshire. We provide a uniquely friendly, one-to-one service to ensure we meet out customers' requirements exactly, at a very realistic price. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


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