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Klingshield Shares the Recipe for Window Film Success

Klingshield offers international companies the opportunity to become window film experts through its prestigious SA teaching academy.
Raedene, Johannesburg, Africa ( 12/04/2011
Johannesburg, Gauteng, Apr 2011 – Klingshield is a company with 35 years of experience in the window film industry. It has now added a full teaching academy to its already high-standing repertoire. Leon Levy, window film guru and 35-year veteran of the South African window tinting market explains, ‘With over one million successful installations over three decades, Klingshield knows what works and wants to share its knowledge with others.’

This South African company has extensive experience, specialising in the latest techniques, processes and practices when it comes to safety film, solar film, building/home window tinting and car window tinting.

Students of the Klingshield Academy will receive a full educational package. It will include all of the know-how, advertising material, documentation, systems and methods an organisation needs to start up and grow a successful business in the window film industry, based on the tested Klingshield model.

As one of the first companies in the industry to embrace online media, Klingshield is always at the cutting edge of the use of marketing technology – and in a competitive global economy, skills like these are invaluable.

A superb part of the course includes how to use online media for the benefit of your business. ‘We have been training people to operate in the window film industry on a local scale for years. We already have the history, foundation and expertise needed. Taking it to an international level is the logical next step.’ explains Leon Levy, owner of Klingshield and Academy founder.

Graduates of the Klingshield Academy will return home with the full skill set required to start up a business based on the formula and foundation of South Africa’s most successful and long-standing window film company.

And why go into the window film industry?

The demand for window film, be it solar film, safety film or car window film, is steadily on the increase. Across the world, those in the safety and security industry, those who deal with machinery and those responsible for the protection of information, are beginning to realise the undeniable need for decent protection. Glass is the weakest part of any structure; protecting it is a must. And with such a demand for window film, the industry is lucrative.

Occupational health and safety is a cross-disciplinary area, concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. On this basis, many of the prevailing safety and machinery acts across the world have recently added clauses that insist on the re-inforcing of glass for the safety and security of workers, visitors and other stakeholders.

The goal of all occupational health and safety programmes is to foster a safe work environment, ranging from protecting employees’ eyes from the sun to bomb-proofing windows. Window film has become a necessary part of many industries’ safety and protection precautions. Because of this there has been a rapid increase in the demand for decent, reputable window film companies.

Another reason for the increase in demand for window film is the need for protection from looting, rioting, civil disobedience and the broken glass that results from such occurrences. Research shows that over 65% of injuries caused in riot situations result from flying glass – making safety film the only option when it comes to reinforcing glass for safety purposes and protecting information by hindering outside visibility through windows.

The ever-increasing demand for window film means that there is good reason to enter into the industry as a supplier and fitter of window film – and Klingshield’s aim is to ensure that there are enough reputable window film companies in the world to be able to satisfy the ever-growing demand.

For more information about the Academy or the window film industry as a whole, please call Klingshield on 011 640 5053 or e-mail or visit our website on


Klingshield, a South African leader in the supplying and application of window film to car, business and home windows, has forty years of comprehensive window film experience and offers a complete, high-quality solution for window-related problems. At the same time, it is a reputable business that upholds the values of integrity, honesty and first-rate customer service. In starting its cutting-edge academy, Klingshield hopes to share the signature qualities of a successful and ethical business w



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