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Lucifer Furnaces Provides Gas Tight OvenFeatured PR

Lucifer Furnaces recently provided a gas tight oven, Model 46GT-O18, for use with inert atmosphere to 1600°.
Doylestown, PA, United States of America ( 04/03/2010


Lucifer Furnaces' Gas Tight line provides a quality product to meet heat treating needs at an affordable cost. Their 46GT-O18 model is an attractive alternative to an atmosphere muffle furnace, constructed with a continuously welded and structurally reinforced furnace shell with a gasketed door assembly, operates with a positive flow of inert atmosphere to 1600°F. An alloy fan coupled with a stainless steel liner delivers horizontal air flow, producing uniform heat throughout the 18” x 18” x 18” chamber.

This furnace is capable of handling loads up to 50 lbs per square feet on the ceramic hearth plate designed to protect the floor brick. Six and a half inches of firebrick and mineral block insulation maximizes heat storage while minimizing heat loss for optimum energy efficiency. Heavy gauge, coil wound, low watt density heating elements are mounted in easy to replace holders mounted on the side walls. The double pivot horizontal swing door, featuring swing bolts and handles for a tight seal, keeps the hot face surface away from the operator. A safety micro-switch shuts off power to both the heating elements and fan when the door opens. A digital Honeywell temperature controller is mounted on a side mounted panel. More information is available at . (Products/Ovens/4000GT) or by phone at 800-378-0095.


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