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LEM Products, Inc. is a leading label manufacturer of durable, tamper proof safety labels as well as reflective numbers and letters for effective warnings on electrical transformers for the Ultimate in Safety.
Doylestown, PA, United States of America ( 04/03/2010

"LEM Products Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacture of identification products that protect people by identifying potential hazards, provide instructional and facility/site safety information. "

Proper Identification and warning on all electrical transformers is critical for the safety of children, adults and utility company employees. LEM Products strives to create clear and accurate identification, safety labels and warning products able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Stock and customized transformer labels are available to enable utility companies to mark any transformer with the most site-specific information for complete accuracy and the ultimate in safety precautions. An added bonus is LEM’s ability to provide multi-lingual texts and universal symbols for cross-cultural applications.

Stock Transformer Labels
These pressure sensitive transformer labels warn children to keep away from pad mounted transformers. Markers are available in English or a combination of English and Spanish. A red “DANGER” marker goes inside the enclosure. An orange “WARNING” marker goes outside the enclosure. Safety labels are made from tamper resistant film with permanent acrylic adhesive which will tear upon any attempt at removal. These weather-proof and fade-resistant labels meet both the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) standard and the Underwriters Laboratory performance standard no.969.

Custom Transformer Labels
It’s your choice: “NEMA” the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, (Mr. Ouch) “ANSI” American National Standards Institute (Z535.3) have worked years to achieve symbols and standards in an effort to educate and make the distribution of electrical power safe for everyone.
Pictograms such as “Hand Shock” and “Mr. Ouch” or “Shock in the Box” are all designed to convey a message as to the inherent “DANGER” or “WARNING” to children or those who may not be conversant in the language of the text displayed. However, none of these symbols are perfect by themselves in passing the critical Comprehension test of safety. The combinations of the various symbols, when combined with the proper signal word make a more comprehensive communication.

Lemcals, All-Weather Mylar Numbers & letters
LEM’s all-weather aggressive, pressure sensitive marker with permanent acrylic adhesive is ideal for applications requiring clarity, durability and high temperature tolerance. These markers exhibit excellent dimensional stability with no measurable shrinkage on applied parts. LEMCALS are overlaminated with polyester for excellent solvent resistance.
Flexibility and durability under abnormal environments and outdoor conditions make these markers extremely versatile. Service temperature range is -50ºF to 275ºF, minimum application temperature is 41ºF.

KVA Labels
Identify the KVA rating of your transformers and electrical equipment with LEM KVA labels. LEM KVA labels are available in engineer grade or high intensity reflective materials with yellow characters on a black background for all standard 2 and 3 digit legends.
LEM’s thorough knowledge of materials and adhesives for all possible conditions makes for superior KVA labels. Our qualified, knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives, along with our technical and design staff, will handle the process of designing and producing effective and durable KVA labels for any requirement.


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