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New Portal for Philadelphia India Community Helps Indians Connect With Each Other

Greater Philadelphia India Connection, a new portal for the Indians living in Philadelphia, helps young and old people from India living in the city to contact and interact with each other.
Lansdale, , PA , United States of America ( 06/05/2011
People belonging to a large number of cultures and groups have made Philadelphia their home. Indians from all parts of India have immigrated to Philadelphia, and they continue to do so. Consequently, Philadelphia has a large Indian community with a large wealth of knowledge and talents, and diverse clothes, cuisine, customs and cultural traditions.

Indians are known for their tendency to create strong communities wherever they live, and Philadelphia is no exception. Members of the Philadelphia Indian community are also good a scenting business opportunities and number of them have stakes in a restaurant, motel businesses, IT industry, real estate and retail trade. Some of them have been here since generations, while many have become a part of the Philadelphia society quite recently.

The Indian community has evolved and matured over the years and a number of small and big clubs, and a few websites, specifically catering to Philadelphia Indian community exist. These help them keep in touch with their culture and roots, and feel connected with each other.

Greater Philadelphia India Connection, a recently launched web site, aims to be a place where the members of Philadelphia Indian community can meet, get to know each other, and do business. The portal also shares information about the places and events that play an important role in the life of Indians.

The site has directories relating to the entire major aspects of Indian life; the topics range from temples and festivals to Indian restaurants and professionals. The site already has a wealth of information on these topics and intends to build a service that can fulfill every specific need of Philadelphia Indian community.

Grater Philadelphia India Connect is also a great place to find lawyers or accountants from their own community. The web site has a directory even on tuition classes and dance classes for students. It not only facilitates the meeting of the members but also lets them advertise for free. It also has links to a number radio sties transmitting Indian music, and the listeners can listen to Indian music free of charge.

To help the efforts of the businesses in the Philadelphia Indian community the site offers free business registration along with free classified advertising. With its number of members increasing, the site is developing as a great place for Indians to share information regarding community events and news. The members can also share their experiences of living in Philadelphia, and can post their success stories to inspire the coming generations. Owing to the prevalence of diverse languages among the Indians, the portal supports a number of languages.

Greater Philadelphia India Connect is characterized by the business instinct such an integral part of the Philadelphia Indian community, and it aims to start an online Ecommerce store catering to the local businesses. Its members are encouraged share their experiences of living in Philadelphia and can post their success stories to inspire the coming generations. The result is a portal made by Indian for the Indians, where the members of the community can have fun, find ways to resolve common problems, and strive together towards common goals.

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The founder of the portal lives in Philadelphia area for last 14 years and felt the need for a good community portal which represents the needs of the growing local Indian community. The goal is allow the community to share the success stories, collaborate with other businesses or individuals using features offered through the portal.


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