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Report Shows Fraud Major Cause of Arab Unrest

This isn’t the first time experts have said Saudi Arabia maybe running out of oil.
New York, NY, United States of America ( 13/05/2011
The cause of much of the recent unrest in the Middle East appears to have been fraud. Revelations about fraud and other corrupt behavior on the part of leaders helped trigger the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt. Fraud of all sorts appears to be a major problem in the Middle East and it could threaten the security of the entire world.

The biggest and perhaps dangerous fraud taking place could be that involving the oil supply in Saudi Arabia. The British newspaper The Guardian reported that US diplomats believed that Saudi officials were deliberately lying about the size of their nation’s oil reserves. The Guardian made this conclusion after analyzing some of the US State Department cables made public by Wikileaks.

Among other things the diplomats allege that the Saudi government exaggerated the supply of its oil reserves by 40%. This means that the world may not have nearly as much oil available as it thinks it does. The reason for such fraud on the part of officials in Saudi Arabia is obvious their nation’s prosperity and ability to get credit is based upon the amount of oil available. The less oil, the less money and the shakier the government is.

This isn’t the first time experts have said Saudi Arabia maybe running out of oil. Some geologists believe that nation may hit its peak drilling capacity years ago but is covering it up.

Other governments in the region such as that in the United Arab Emirates keep themselves in power by bribing their people. The UAE is ruled by seven hereditary monarchs who provide their people with regular cash payments and free health care. If that it is going to end because the oil has been pumped out the days of the leaders are numbered. Governments could be covering this up to keep in power.

Could Fraud Make an Energy Shortage Worse

If the numbers about oil from the Middle East can’t be trusted the whole world could be in serious trouble because of this fraud. It is high time that other nations such as the United States demanded an honest appraisal of the Middle East oil reserves. Such an appraisal would be hard to get because it could threaten the political power of many of the region’s leaders. Still it is necessary because other nations rely on the oil for energy.

It is also time for Americans, Europeans and others to rethink their policy of relying on such corrupt and unethical regimes for a large percentage of their energy supply. Perhaps an honest assessment could bring positive changes.

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