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Messung Systems invests intensively in new technology

Pioneer in industrial automation, Messung Group of Companies have added a new advanced technology based Heller Make 1809 Mark III series “Reflow Oven” for RoHS compliant SMT based PCB soldering to their impressive machine floor. Mr. Devdatta Hambardikar, President - Messung Systems unveiled the new machine amongst the senior management and employees. To increase the productivity and set up World Class Manufacturing (WCM) for highly reliable PCBA manufacturing, Messung Systems has installed
Pune, Maharashtra, India ( 23/06/2011
The Reflow Oven has 18 independent Temperature Controlled 350 Deg C Balanced Air Flow “Lead Free” Heating Zones and followed by 2 cooling zones to increase productivity. The PID controllers ensure temperature stability to +/-1 Deg C along with computer based Profile measurement and storage systems. Use of Nitrogen option in the process helps to reduce the oxidation during heating process and offer better solder bonding. Enhanced heater modules “blanket” the PCB with heat for the lowest Delta-Ts on the toughest hi-density boards. Additionally Uniform Gas management system eliminates net flow which results in up to 40% reduction in nitrogen consumption. The special frame structure utilizes dual insulation reducing heat loss and saving up to 40% electricity costs.

Inaugurating the machine, Mr. Farook Merchant, Chairman & Managing Director, Messung Group of Companies, comments, “It was time to modernize the plant and bring in world class machinery that enhances efficiency and prompt delivery. Installation of Heller Reflow Oven will ensure excellent soldering and bonding quality. The machine saves resources and allows very high production speeds. It also expands our PCBA processing capability, thereby improving competitiveness while reducing opportunities for human error.”

This new system installed for the first time, has been successfully set into operation.

About Messung Group of Companies

Messung is the precursor of indigenous PLC technology in the automation industry in India since 1981, and the Eminent Distributor for Mitsubishi Electric's range of world class Factory Automation (FA) products since 1995. Messung has been instrumental in providing a blend of both, world-class factory automation products such as PLCs, VFDs, HMIs and Servos from Mitsubishi Electric - Japan and international standard PLCs manufactured by Messung for their customers.


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