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Employment solicitors ThomasMansfield ready for changes wrought by new employment legislations

The employment law experts expect busy year as DRA is phased out and changing workplace regulations affect employers and employees alike
Surrey, UK, Ukraine ( 01/07/2011
ThomasMansfield LLP, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected employment law solicitors, is ready to support and advise individuals and employers on all legal matters following the government’s phasing out of DRA.

The changing of the retirement age, which has been much discussed in the news, will affect all those who may have been considering retirement but have now missed the April 5th date to give up to twelve months notice.

ThomasMansfield is expecting an increased influx of inquiries into employment regulation matters, weak or licentious claims, as well as the advent of compromise agreement. A compromise agreement is a financial settlement reached out of court, awarding recompense to claimants who feel they have been unfairly dismissed from work.

The firm reminds employers that the phasing out of the Default Retirement Age will need careful reconsideration of treatment of older workers; what is more, the changing legislations look to affect performance management, workforce planning and general regulation of productivity and office job satisfaction.

ThomasMansfield, which recently acquired three diverse new clients in the shape of the Listening Company, the Bell Group and CIPFA, is equipped to play both advisory and legally representative roles for concerned clients and new businesses.

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ThomasMansfield LLP is the leading nationwide independent firm of employment law solicitors specialising exclusively in employment law, HR support, workplace mediation, employment law training and health & safety.

The firm encourages inquiries and claims from employees and employers alike. Services range from case work on discrimination and unfair dismissal, as well as advisory and consultation roles for businesses looking to incorporate a high level of legal security into their infrastructure and workforce management.

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