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Thomas Mansfield aids employers to prepare for incoming Agency Workers Regulations

The regulations, which are due to be adopted fully in October 2011, will require extra attention from companies who regularly employ limited-contract workers or the self-employed
Surrey, UK, Ukraine ( 08/07/2011
Respected employment solicitors ThomasMansfield LLP is ready to take on the challenges and queries of all those affected by the impending transition to new Agency Workers Regulations, due to come into force on 1st October 2011.

The changes in legislation, first proposed in 2010, have caused some worries in both government and recruitment as reports as late as March and April indicated that many employers were in the dark about the new laws – and over a third had not conducted an impact assessment to calculate the effects of the changes.

ThomasMansfield LLP, a trusted expert in employment law for over a century, is advising employers – and regularly contracted workers – to read the government’s published guidance which has been published to answer overwhelming questions and disputes with the changes.

The major action of the Regulations will be a change in the treatment of contracted agency workers – giving those who work on contract the same job equal rights to those in the equivalent permanent position, employed directly by the host organisation.

In all cases, rights to facilities and job vacancies will be equal for agency and permanent workers alike – with other rights inclusive once the agency worker has been contracted for 12 weeks or more.

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