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Noor Mobile Apps Releases Color Me White – An Exciting Puzzle to Challenge Your Mind

Noor Mobile Apps announces the release of its new app called Color Me White, which is available on both the iPhone and iPad. It’s an engaging concept and offers users an interesting puzzle to solve.
Manama, Seef Area, Bahrain ( 13/07/2011
Manama, Bahrain : Noor Mobile Apps has made a habit of releasing apps that captivate imagination and keep the user interested for long periods of time. Their latest release, ‘Color Me White’ is yet another feather in their cap. It is available for the iPhone and the iPad using the advanced functionality of these devices to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the user.

Noor Mobile Apps is relatively new to world of iPhone and iPad applications, but in a very short span of time has established itself as a company that releases ground breaking mobile apps. The company’s primary objective is to meet all expectations of discerning users by offering apps that are extremely engaging and interactive.

Color Me White is a puzzle that offers users an interactive environment that is rich in colorful graphics and highly responsive. The touch functionality of the two devices comes into full play with this app.

Key Features

• Switch on all three lights with the color white and you win
• Connect each light with 3 lines, one from each jar, without crossing each other
• Final Connection = 9 separate lines, three from each jar

A user needs to connect lines from the blue, green and red paint jars with the light at the top. A set of 3 lines from each paint jar, that do not cross each other will light up all three bulbs – with the color white. Don’t underestimate the difficulty levels of this puzzle, it’s definitely not easy to solve.

Be the first to solve this puzzle and get rewarded from the seller

This is illustrated by the fact that the first person to solve this puzzle will get a reward from the seller.

This is the application that you are looking for, if you want to challenge your grey cells and test your focus. When you use Color Me White, you know that the application was worthy of all the time you spent on it. Don’t take anybody else’s word for it. Use it and enjoy the experience

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NoorMobileApps is new company in the world of mobile applications. Starting with iPhone apps and looking forward to explore other platforms in the near future. It's applications spreading from games to social network and productivity app.


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