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Filipino Franchisers Bullish In 2011

Food remains the number one choice for a franchising business in 2011 and Filipino food is top-of-mind on the list. In this area, Pinoy food stalwart Binalot provides one of the best entrepreneurial opportunities.
Paranaque City , Metro Manila, Philippines ( 20/07/2011
Manila, Philippines – In the Philippines, July is largely regarded as Franchise Month since most of the Franchise Shows, annual franchising awards and franchising promotional activities are held during this month.

Rommel Juan, CEO of Binalot Fiesta Foods says that July brings excitement to budding entrepreneurs on the hunt for a franchise business to invest in. “On top of their wish list is a food business franchise, preferably one that is Pinoy in nature. This is what has encouraged Binalot to actively participate in the forthcoming 10th Filipino Franchise Show to be held at the World Trade Center from July 21 to 24, 2011”.

“Here, we will feature not only a truly Filipino but also an eco-friendly food franchise concept as part of the business package. It is going to be a business venture with a high level of corporate social responsibility focused on environmental protection”, he adds.

Juan explains that as more and more dual-income families abound, the need for convenient, quick yet nourishing food will also rise. “This rising demand will become a challenge to an entrepreneur who wishes to work for himself and not by himself. Other factors that would also help boost the franchising industry are the growing population and the booming real estate industry that has seen a flurry in the developments of malls and mixed-use buildings”.

“Other positive developments are the brisk developments and the opening up of the provinces with their own super malls and central business districts. For Binalot, we have found it much easier now to open provincial outlets since good locations are now easier to find and the rental rates are relatively lower compared to Metro Manila. The franchising industry is so bullish about the future that AFFI has projected a 20% growth in the franchising business this 2011”, he adds.

“In our own experience, Binalot has proven that anybody can be a successful entrepreneur as long as he decides to be serious with the business and commits to it wholeheartedly”, Juan explains. “As a matter of fact, we have such a diverse roster of successful franchisees, ranging from professionals to young entrepreneurs to artists to government officials. This just goes to show that in franchising, anybody who puts his heart into it can and will succeed”.

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Filipinos love to eat, which explains why practically every major global food brand is in the country; fast food brands, especially. These international franchises and their local imitations dominate. Filipino dining taste, in turn, has become very Western.


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