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Size, Professionalism and Technology Matters in Marketing on Facebook: PR Jankari

Size, professionalism and technology matters in Facebook,says Mumbai based social media company's PR Jankari's co-founder Loknath Swain.Swain again adds larger numbers fans,dense engagement by the community and technology through Facebook is possible
Mumbai, Maharastra, India ( 02/08/2011

Size, professionalism and technology matters in Facebook, says Mumbai based social media company's PR Jankari's co-founder Loknath Swain. Swain again adds larger numbers fans, dense engagement by the community and technology that can make the communication viral only matters in social media marketing on Facebook.

In a press release, the Mumbai based social media company co-founder says, “Having a large, well engaged group of "fans" or "followers" on Facebook represents a highly valuable distribution channel for any brand while less numbers affects the marketing there. Suppose a brand has over 1 million fans. It is easier for the brand managers to reach at those people when they want to distribute any information. social media is about sharing, and sharing to a large audience is most important. The more people will like your page and become your fan, the more you will be able to monetize the campaign on social media. Number really matters”.

He adds, “Many people take the responsibility of social media marketing themselves. It is possible, but it can add more values if professionals will be hired by brands. Setting up a Facebook page so easy that a primary school student can set up a page. But objective is bringing fans to the page. Here the role of professionals work. The good news is the numbers of social media marketeers are increasing in the space”. He again adds, “ status update, photo album, videos, games, notes etc. matter a lot to bring a fan and retain them. One Can not lie on social media. The lier will be caught next week if the lieing continues. Message are required to be told skillfully to the community”.

Swain advocates in favour of Facebook advertisement. He says “Facebook advertisement is a phenomenon in building a community for a brand with low cost. A Facebook page should have backing of facebook advertisement and Facebook application to make the promotion viral. A manual promotion on Facebook can make a “word of mouth” reach. But an application and advertisement will make it into a world of community. Facebook is a fantastic platform world has got. Time has come for brands to take advantages of it”.

Swain again adds, the both PR cell and social media agencies should understand brand's values and goals before they go for Facebook page. Competition on Fcaebook is more intense than on any Indian media as promoted brand will see many similar brands there globally. One has to think globally and do messaging and update locally. The Facebook application needs to be made to suit local culture and locality centric preference.

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