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Getting the right desktop publishing software for your particular needs might become quite an expensive proposition if you are not careful. The's guide for desktop publishing software clarifies a lot of the mysteries surrounding this specialized category of applications to help would-be desktop publishers find the best solution for their case.
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The internet has democratized publishing. Publishing used to be a very expensive and arcane proposition. Individuals and businesses would have to go to a printer to publish all sorts of materials regardless of the size and the purpose. Also it was quite a pricey situation for businesses that had to resort to either in-house publishing units or outsourcer it to expensive providers. With the rise of desktop publishing, anybody from large companies to individuals can produce professional-looking printed materials at a fraction of their old cost. The rise of desktop publishing software has really put quality published materials in the fingertips of individuals who previously could not afford to do so. That has also exploded by feeding the creativity of many publishers. However, not all desktop publishing software options work for every situation. Every individual and business looking to publish materials face different situations and have differing needs, and finding the proper software package often involve dealing with a lot of intricacies that many laymen do not want to bother with.

"Desktop publishing can be quite a mystery," according to Oliver Thompson, media relations consultant for "There are many misconceptions regarding what goes into desktop publishing software, what it can do, what it cannot do and how one picks the right package.", the internet's leading provider of software reviews, industry news and security software, has released a guide to help individuals and businesses looking to buy a desktop publishing software and making the right choice. "Demystifying the process really boils down to identifying the user's needs," said Thompson. "Our guide steps users through the process of selecting the right desktop publishing software not by cramming pre-set solutions down their throat, or applying rigid formulas to their situation. Instead, we focus on asking key questions that revolve around their particular need and then guiding them based on those questions to making an involved and active selection decision based on their answers," said Thompson. This process results in avoiding the twin problems that involve desktop publishing software, either getting an under powered software suite or spending too much money on features that you do not really need. The's desktop publishing software guide can be located at


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