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T-Steel Top of the table in its Product Class

Astra Mining, an Australian diversified mining company, has released new technical and economic data for its revolutionary T-Steel product.
North Adelaide, SA, Australia ( 05/08/2011
North Adelaide, SA, August 05, 2011 - T-Steel types range from structural steel (T1) through to premium grade, high category, specialised steels (T9).

Astra Mining CEO Dr Jaydeep Biswas says the T-Steel range consists of premium category steels within specific steel families that have a demonstrated price-to-performance advantage over other steel products.

“One of the most important factors in the implementation of the T-Steel technology is that factories which cannot afford multi-billion dollar investments in new equipment are able to manufacture higher quality steels using existing factory infrastructure with relatively minor capital investment,” Dr Biswas says.

“These average factories are therefore able to enter markets where they can sell a premium category steel, for example T5, and increase their sales and hence profits.”

Astra Steelworks Ltd, which is part of the Astra Mining group, is planning to start the production of high-quality steels based on highly specialized processes and special alloying technologies invented over a 30-year period in Hungary.

The end product, T-Steel, has numerous advantages over the production of regular steel types including substantial yield savings, a reduction in alloys used, significant savings in energy used and advanced properties when compared to most HSLA steels.

Astra’s managing director, Silvana De Cianni, says the viability of the T-Steel technology is underpinned by the numerous industrial applications of the steels produced.

“These applications include low carbon content stainless steels, non-alloyed construction steels, case hardened alloyed steels and ball bearing steels,” Ms De Cianni says.

“As an example there are a number of top German steel mills which produce rails for various rail systems and sell these at a premium price.

“Comparable quality rails can be produced by the T-Steel process with a lower grade steel through a less prestigious factory, say in Hungary, and sold at a similar premium.”

Astra Mining’s global portfolio includes gold and tin interests in Southeast Asia and southern India, coal mines in Australia and Africa, iron ore in India and Africa, and the production of the high-strength T-Steel technology in Hungary.

Astra has also confirmed its plans to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange before the 31st of August or soon thereafter.

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