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Fulfil your Veterinary CPD the Easy Way

Online Veterinary Webinars from the Webinar Vet
Merseyside, England, United Kingdom ( 29/08/2011
Running a small animal practice is a tiring job. After 20 years as a vet, I was getting sick of going to evening veterinary CPD meetings after a long day at the surgery. Most of the courses were at least 30 – 60 minutes away from my practice. I would arrive at the meeting eat a few sandwiches, try to get something useful out of the lecture without falling asleep; chat to colleagues in the bar for half an hour then drive home and fall into bed. I was struggling to do the 35 hours necessary for the practice standards and resenting the fact it would take me 3 hours total time (including travelling) to gain 1 hour veterinary CPD.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could do all the veterinary CPD in the comfort of your own home. After a long day at the surgery you could go home, play with the kids, eat dinner, get them to bed and then go to the study for 1 hour and finish for the night, 1 hour of veterinary CPD would take 1 hour to acquire. That dream is now a reality and not following an on-line course but participating via polls and surveys in a live interactive lecture. Life has become very hectic but my live veterinary webinar on a Thursday night takes all the stress out of learning making it a very pleasureable experience

Here’s what one Vet had to say “Since March 2010, I have probably attended nearly 100 hours of veterinary CPD and I’m really enjoying it. All of this veterinary CPD makes me a better vet! The veterinary webinars are all given at a very practical level so that each vet can take away 2-3 things which they will do differently in their practice.”

An annual individual gold membership costs much less than a weekend of veterinary CPD and it’s even cheaper if the practice joins. The webinar vet’s membership night is Thursday.

We guarantee at least 40 hours of veterinary webinars on a Thursday between 9 and 10pm. We want you to get into the habit of attending these so that you will fulfil your CPD requirements. I truly believe that this is the new way of doing CPD

It’s interactive
It’s convenient
It’s fantastic value
It’s a stress-free way of learning
It’s the way of the future

However, as well as the members’ night there are radiology reading classes (small extra fee for members); and many free veterinary webinars sponsored by food & pharmaceutical companies. Members are told about these meetings first( there is no reason you should miss out on these).

Here are a list of membership benefits:

Thursday evening webinar invites
Priority notice on sponsored veterinary webinars
Full access to veterinary webinar archive
Monthly CD to listen to in the car
Monthly newsletter with interesting clinical information
Free entry to Facebook page
Regular repeats of veterinary webinars using our webinator technology.

Our veterinary webinars are sold individually at £35 each. The table below shows the value of membership if you were to watch a live or recorded veterinary webinar once a week and listen to one CD recording monthly in your car( sent as part of membership) and read our monthly newsletter.

Go to ( ) to see all the great deals for individual membership

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Please feel free to contact Wendy on wendy if you have any questions or are struggling to register for any of the vet cpd ( )

Please also consider our membership scheme if you are thinking of attending a couple of veterinary webinars as this represents better value and also gives you access to all previous webinar recordings

Anthony Chadwick BVScCertVD MRCVS

The Webinar Vet



with the offer price fixed for one year. The offer is open to the first 100 registrants only. Gold individual membership at full price of £470 plus VAT for the year, giving access to at least 67 hours of CPD (not including free webinars.


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