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South Plank Wines & Spirits Newburgh New York

Connoisseurs of Wines and Spirits Celebrate the Offerings at South Plank Wines & Spirits
Newburgh, New York, NY, United States of America ( 02/09/2011
NEWBURGH, NY (August 19, 2011) — New customers are not wasting time sampling the varieties of wine and beverages offered at the South Plank Wines & Spirits liquor store, 181 South Plank Road unit #5, Newburgh, NY 12550. The large selection of different varieties has enticed a large following of local residents to arrive and take advantage of the discount prices and easy to reach parking area. Sophisticated cooling equipment is used to keep all of the specialty drinks cold for guaranteed pleasurable consumption.

When going to smaller shops that sell alcoholic beverages, a person may have only a few brand name bottles that are available for purchase. This limits the offerings and celebratory options for someone expecting more unique choices. The South Plank Wines & Spirits liquor store understands this problem and provides plenty of selections to the public to make any event, special occasion or relaxing evening memorable and exciting. Customers can find and select beverages that are popular around the world or that are new and exotic to the local area.

The specialty wine industry is big business for manufacturers and many people enjoy a daily meal with aged wines. The distributors that work directly with South Plank Wines & Spirits understand the importance of demand and ensure that all items are delivered in a timely manner. The friendly and helpful South Plank staff is always available to answer questions or to help someone make a section decision when seeking out a new alcoholic beverage. The offerings of inventory can be overwhelming, but helpful and courteous staff makes choosing the most enjoyable products easy.

Individual bottles are available for one or two people and cases are available for parties and larger groups that require more. A discount on the case price is exclusive at South Plank Wines & Spirits located at 181 South Plank Road unit #5, Newburgh, NY 12550. This offering is a special deal for customer loyalty for people that enjoy unique wines and spirits. The spacious liquor store is controlled and monitored for changes in temperature to ensure that every bottle receives the ultimate care and protection against spoilage. Local customers are spreading the word about South Plank Wines & Spirits and making it a popular destination to purchase wine and alcoholic beverages.

About South Plank Wines & Spirits

South Plank Wines & Spirits offers discount prices on a large selection of alcoholic beverages for adults. The friendly and supportive staff provides expert knowledge of domestic and foreign varieties seven days a week. South Plank Wines & Spirits accepts all major credits cards for fast and easy payment.


South Plank Wines & Spirits
181 South Plank Road unit# 5
Newburgh, New York 12550
Tele# (845) 568-0800



South Plank Wines Spirits

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