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Utilize to contact neighbors and check on their welfare.
Bellevue, WA, United States of America ( 09/09/2011
With the main storm part of hurricane Irene winding down,, your online neighborhood community page sends support and positive thoughts to all of those affected by Irene.

With power still out in many areas, water flooding many streets and some areas starting to assess the damage, can be a very useful resource to communicate with one’s neighbors and neighborhood information.

Staying safe is important! The floodwaters can contain harmful bacteria and obscure dangerous items. If you must traverse the water, wear waterproof boots or hip waders that will provide a barrier between you and the water. After exiting the water, keep the boots or hip waders away from your living area. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching these items.

Water conducts electricity very well. After a hurricane, there are always cases of someone being electrocuted by going into water that is covering a live and downed power line. Use extreme caution, and better yet, don’t go in the water!

The high winds have caused the uprooting of many trees. The ground is saturated, and remaining trees may not be firmly entrenched in their soil. Further incidences of falling trees are likely. Use caution and remain aware.

Utilize to contact neighbors and check on their welfare. When it becomes safe to go outside and start working on the neighborhood cleanup, Use LocalBlox neighborhood wall to pull your neighbors and neighborhoods together and organize who can do what.

The nation is supporting all of you with thoughts and prayers, and stands ready to assist. Stay safe, and stay connected with each other, and the rest of us!

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