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Wire Markers are the Key to Efficiency and Safety in Wire ManagementFeatured PR

Clear and proper labeling of electrical wiring by use of wire markers and cable markers will greatly reduce the risk of danger and increase productivity. is now offering markers for $9.95 per book.
Doylestown, PA, United States of America ( 12/04/2010

"The use of wire marker identification will promote efficient wiring assembly project operations."

Safety is a priority for any commercial, industrial or residential electrical wiring project, and making certain that all wires are properly labeled and identified is vital to providing a safe property and workplace. offers durable electrical labels will assist in maintaining the highest levels of safety at all times, while also increasing efficiency and productivity. The use of wire marker identification will promote efficient wiring assembly project operations. When a wiremarker is used properly, workers will always know exactly what they're dealing with. This will not only ensure safety and save time, but also save money by preventing major errors.

Preprinted wire marker books are available in a large variety of stock legends and are ideal for any wire marking application. Each wire marker book contains 450 wire markers and 450 matching terminal strips. Wire markers are printed on vinyl impregnated cloth, the proven general purpose material for maintenance, construction and product identification. A strong adhesive and a flexible material assure a firm lasting wrap on a wire. Easy to read legends are printed in black on a white background. Adhesion to steel is 40 oz./in. with a temperature range of -40°F to 250°F.

Wire markers can be customized with specific information by using self laminating vinyl wire markers. These markers have a white write-on and printable area for information which becomes protected by the attached clear vinyl self laminating cover that wraps around the wire and legend. Self laminating write-on wire markers accept pen, pencil, ball point pen, permanent marker and rubber stamp. These markers are also made for laser printers, typewriters and dot-matrix printers. A variety of sizes is available to meet most requirements. is a leading label manufacturer of industry standard wire markers, cable markers and electrical identification & wire management products that meet all industry standards for compliant applications in the Electrical, Utility, Industrial, Safety and Manufacturing markets. manufactures all of its wire management products in the United States.

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