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For every piece of useful information you get from the Internet, there are half-truths, hype, or outright lies. How can you quickly get the information you need and how can you determine if this information is true? has issued a guide that will help the readers hone their critical Internet reading skills that will be helpful in avoiding hassles that may arise from faulty information posted online.
Bellevue, CA, United States of America ( 09/10/2011
(Bellevue CA, 10/09/11) The Internet is indispensable because it is full of information. At the same time, it can also be worthless because of the same exact reason; it contains a lot of information. The sad truth is regardless of training, motive or capability, anybody can put up a word page. This causes a massive headache for search engines and two times more headache for people searching for information online. A lot of the information is considered spam. In order for them to push their product, there is already no regard for truth telling for the consumers’ benefit and the key focus is just to gain money. Similarly, many user generated pages are created for the purpose of passing bogus information, like published chain letters. It is annoying and can also lead to problems in the long run. The truth of the matter is people rely on information to formulate their opinions. If you rely on bad or wrong information, you become ignorant because your opinions do not match the facts and reality. The Internet is heap of lies in this aspect. However, within this heap, a lot of gems can also be found, gems of true and reliable information and resources. has come up with a consumers’ guide regarding critical reading skills during this age of the Internet. The guide is located at

"For every heap of coal, there is bound to be a small amount of diamonds," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for, the Internet’s leading authority site for consumer technological issues. Our guide does not focus on the source as much as on the reader. Ultimately, the reader dictates how profitable his experience on the Internet is. This is the reason why we focus on the reader. By equipping the reader with the right critical reading skills and mental checklist on how to process information online, we are providing Internet users the crucial tools that they need to get the valuable information that they have been looking for.’s guide breaks down critical reading skills for the Internet into four parts – looing for the source, looking for the claims, looing the inconsistencies, and looking at competing claims. Although this may seem like just the basics, this is actually very helpful in saving a lot of time because it is easy to remember and easy to put into practice. It can also help investors save a lot of money, save students from having headaches due to faulty reports based on bad information, and can of course save consumers from spending money in useless stuff because they will be able to see through the fake arguments that a lot of articles make to push a product.


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