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Residential model “Ellinon Politeia”

Implement of the residential model “Ellinon Politeia”, which concerns  the  development of the property "Elliniko"
Athens, Athens, Greece ( 21/10/2011
Our company always operates under the rationale that "our country is the best piece of real estate in the world" and its value cannot be evaluated.
Our philosophy was and is that our actions should aim apart from the logical and legal corporate profit to the more general benefit of our country for the benefit of our State and our citizens.
Under this framework our company conducted a preliminary study for the best type of development of the previous airport of Ellinikon, that belongs to the Greek State (Sovereign Wealth Fund for Privatizations S.A.) that could have the biggest financial return for the State and the Greek economy in general.
Always maintaining the basic principle of transparency, the global community will be able to monitor the progress of the construction studies of the residential and financial model as well as the operation of "Ellinon Politeia" and following the construction of the project, through a special website on the Internet.
Our proposal has already been sent and made aware to the President of Greece, the Greek Governmentt, the opposition parties and the Greek Orthodox Church.
We and our associates will continue to work dynamically for the implementation of the model that we have already conducted.

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