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Getting Know Sinus Infection Symptoms Earlier

General and Irritating yet Most Commonly Unnoticed Sinus Infection Symptoms
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia ( 26/10/2011
Sinus is a medical term for nasal cavity. It is used by human being to take in and out the breath. Nasal cavity has a great role for human’s life. Therefore, it is very suggested for people to maintain the health and the cleanness of nasal cavity. The condition of nasal cavity which is clean and health will give a way to oxygen to enter into it openly. In the contrary, the condition of sinus which is not clean will impede the access to the lung. The condition of unclean sinus will result in sinus infection. It is important to know sinus infection symptoms for people to avoid bad condition.

Symptoms of sinus infection can be seen from several conditions. First, nasal congestion is the basic symptom of sinus infection. Nasal congestion means that there is an obstacle in sinus which impedes the way people to breath. In this condition people will also feel dizzy because there is no enough amount of the oxygen to the brain. If this condition is not treated soon, it will result in the worse condition. Second, there is a pain near with the eyes. It is caused by sinus infection. Some people get red-eyes since the pain is getting worse. Third, another symptom of sinus infection is fever. The sinus infection symptoms can be in the form of fever. It is because the infection has become serious.

Those three symptoms of sinus infection should be treated as soon as possible to avoid worse condition. There is a way to treat sinus infection. If someone got a nasal congestion, they can take a bowl of warm water. And they can use a small towel to dip it into the warm water. Put it on between the nose and the eyes. It will reduce the nasal congestion. Some people can also use such sniff medicine which contains menthol aroma.

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