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Here Are Some Must Have Android Apps

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia ( 26/10/2011
Google has been regarded as the giant technological company. Google has leaded the current technological needs for people around the world. Google is well-known as the most influential company which has the biggest browser search engine on the internet. Since the time goes by, Google has now extended their business to operating system especially OS for mobile network such as smart phone. The operating system is called Android. Since Android has been released to market, many people have attracted to buy the smart phone which uses Android since there are many apps which are contained on the system. Besides, there are many free apps that can be downloaded by Android users. There are several must have Android apps. There are must have Android apps which are free and top paid. It freely depends on the people who want to have the apps. Besides, it depends on the budget that is available to buy the apps. Since Android is created to be embedded on the smart phone so internet connection is required from SIM Card provider.

First, weather app is important for every people. By using the weather app, they can get a better prediction about the weather. They can prepare certain things to adapt with the weather. For example, if the weather prediction for today is rainy, so that they can prepare an umbrella from home. Second, GPS app is offered for free in the Android market. People who have Android can download it for free. GPS app is very helpful for people to avoid them from lost. It usually happens for people who travel to a new place. GPS app is one of cool Android apps. GPS app should be connected to internet. It will guide people from one place to another place. Third, there are social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Fourquare, and so on. Those are apps that have been regarded as must have Android apps. Besides, there are other apps which is good to download such as Google Space, seismic app, and so on.

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