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According to the International Maritime Organization, maritime shipping is responsible for about 90 percent of international trade.
Fredrikstad, Norway, Norway ( 24/10/2011
According to the International Maritime Organization, maritime shipping is responsible for about 90 percent of international trade. The transportation of raw materials, shipping of food products, transport of manufactured goods and other items moved from continent to continent, would all come to a stop without the shipping industry. Shipping can generate over half a trillion US dollars annually in freight rates alone. That does not include all the other maritime-related industries, such as off-shore platforms and drilling, fishing jobs, cruise ship jobs, naval jobs ( ), shipping yard jobs and many, many more.

Ironically, for such a monumental employment sector, there have not been many ways for a landlocked citizen to gain employment working on the sea; until now. Based in Norway, First Solutions has created to fill a much needed niche. First Solutions has used their 35 years worth of experience in international maritime-related industries, to streamline this job portal for those in maritime fields. The mandate of is to create a simple, affordable and accessible way for maritime employers to connect with those seeking maritime jobs ( ). perfectly balances the needs of employers and job seekers; this job portal presents unique options for everybody who uses it. Employers have the option to search through the vast database of available employees, or they may purchase “credits” which can be used to create advertisements about their employment options and companies to lure candidates to them. The employers can administer their ads at their convenience through an intuitive interface.

Employers can also access the “World Maritime Product Base” which facilitates searching for candidates by offering industry specific submenus. This way if you are looking for help in ocean freight, you do not have to weed through candidates looking for yacht jobs.

Job seekers also have unique tools at their disposal. For them, the basic service is free. They may upload their resume at any time, and they can take it down at their leisure. More aggressive job seekers can purchase “credits” to buy a “featured listing” status. This moves their resume to the top of their job field queue, and allows them an opportunity to sell their services to companies offering jobs.

First Solutions has positioned to become the leader in a remarkably small group of maritime employment resources; and they are well on their way to achieve that goal. Their comprehensive experience in maritime-related industries has allowed them to create a streamlined product that is accessible to anyone, anywhere. Expand your horizons; check it out today.


About has created a unique product that fills a niche in the job recruitment industry. Maritime related jobs are growing at a fast rate, and has stepped up to connect employers and candidates quickly, easily and in a cost effective manner.


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