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SEO Company Launches Exclusive Mobile Apps Directory Submission ServiceFeatured PR

Indian SEO Company, Submitinme, launches its newest service called Mobile Apps Directory Submission Service, thus pioneering into the marketing-online- apps promotions arena.
Nagercoil, TN, India ( 24/10/2011
Proficient in the much-in-demand SEO industry, Submitinme sees the dawn of yet another trend amongst internet users and apps-savvy population and turns it into an SEO service that deals with online apps promotions. “After a hefty 9 years of SEO experience backup, we have grown hand-in-hand with every new SEO trend at Submitinme and feel rightfully able to be the first to launch many of our currently hot and happening services that promote websites, services and products, in the most diligent internet marketing manner. One amongst the pioneer services that we have currently launched is the Mobile Apps Directory Submission Service ( ),” announces Guna Nadar, CEO of Submitinme.

“Owing to the increasing trend of finding mobile apps with the help of apps directories, we have decided to help your apps business to grow further with this service,” points out the R & D head of Submitinme. He showers light on the ongoing apps marketing trend and says, “Apps available in the Apps store of popular smart phones like iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry and Windows mobile have increasing demand in the current market, but much more accessible information for almost all those who are looking to compare apps and find the best suited apps for their phones is available in online Apps directories. It is a rising trend amongst the apps-savvy market and we make it simpler for businesses to capture this trend and harness its potential on the online market via the mobile apps submission service,”

Submitinme has come up with a blend of SEO services in the past and now seems to have taken a crucial step towards extending their expertise into the mobile phone apps territory. They plan to have their SEO’s magic touch work for mobile apps providers by helping them promote apps online on various platforms. SEO for mobile apps is unheard of up until now and Submitinme team of SEO experts seem confident in making this a promising upcoming SEO trend for mobilephone apps dealers online.

With iphone apps submission get your iphone apps submitted to popular iphone apps directories and other generic smartphone apps directories. The same goes for android apps, windows apps and blackberry apps using the apps submission services for the respective mobile phone apps.


Submitinme has a long record of happy customers seeking SEO Service ( ) and SMO promotions for the past 9 years. With newer services like iphone apps submission ( ), android apps submission, windows apps submission is soon to see happy customers seeking mobile apps promotions online.



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