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RMC Strategies is introducing a new paradigm in effective business management with its upcoming executive business coaching and training webinar – “The Hidden Secrets to Effective Management Higher Productivity
Fayetteville, NC, United States of America ( 27/10/2011
RMC Strategies is introducing a new paradigm in effective business management with its upcoming executive business coaching and training webinar – “The Hidden Secrets to Effective Management Higher Productivity and Higher Profitability in just 6 weeks”.. RMC’s webinar will be group coaching geared to moving a small group of business managers to higher performance through lecture, practical application, and coaching feedback.

It used to be that executive business coaching was thought of as something extravagance reserved for well-heeled corporations. But with the current state of the economy companies of all sizes are realizing they need to be smarter now and they need to make decisions quicker to compete. Companies are turning to executive coaching to help leaders clarify the challenges and opportunities and set out the options from a strategic and tactical perspective. When you have clarity, leaders have the confidence necessary to move the organization swiftly to take advantage of the opportunities. While this might seem like an easy process executive business coaching encompasses far more than what meets the eye. So what exactly is executive coaching or executive business coaching?

To answer this question, we must first recognize what is entailed within the coaching relationship. An executive business coach is a seasoned business professional that with a diverse skill set from the analysis and management of organizations. The executive business coach is in a position to step back from the situation at hand ask relevant clarifying questions and assist the manager in analyzing the circumstances, consider the options and work with the manager to develop a plan of action. These questions usually cover the complete spectrum of business challenges from employee performance, customer satisfaction, financial concerns, new product introduction and positions, etc. The role of the coach is not tell the manager / leader what to do but to actively listen and offer perspective and options that allows the manager / leader to ideally arrive at the appropriate conclusions given their intimate knowledge of the company’s resources. An additional benefit to coaching is helping the leader / manager to understand their personal strengths and weakness and to encourage them to develop a team that compensates for their weakness.

No company is stronger than its management team. If there are weaknesses that are not being addressed, coaching will assist in exposing the weaknesses and encouraging management to address them.

The question of your ability to afford coaching is an interesting one. Quality coaching will cost you hundred’s of dollars per hour. But if those sessions allow you to rapidly make decisions that you have been pondering for days, weeks, or months. It is money well spent. But, through the development of “The Hidden Secrets to Effective Management” webinar they are making coaching even more cost effective. By providing very practical advice usable by all managers, combined with the opportunity to address specific challenges you are confronted with in your organization.

This new trend has by the very nature of our economy become more a necessity and less of a privilege. However, experts warn that the right type of coaching and the right coach must be matched to the client and situation for this process to be efficient. When relationships have been formed with the right match of individuals, coaches can help execute current and future business plans, assist in the maximization of client’s potential, introduce guidance, generate ideas, and overall be a resource for this with a need for personal and professional help.

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