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Link Wheels Enhanced – The Research begins early next weekFeatured PR

Link wheels have proven that content is king. Now it is time to dig deep into this strategy and bring maximum effectiveness.
Nagercoil, TN, India ( 27/10/2011
For immediate release from the news desk of Submitinme Labs. The research on link wheels, one of the best content marketing strategies after the panda update is scheduled to be started early next week. Link wheel is an extensively used SEO strategy combined with the power of social media marketing. This strategy differs with each service provider as there is no specific rule for framing a link wheel. We at SubmitINme have our own link wheel strategy where we make use of social media content sites alone. We just use only article type content which is published in the social media sites. There are service providers who frame link wheels with different media including images, videos, podcasts etc.

The aim of the research is to identify the maximum potential of the link wheels in promoting a website. The results which we expect are: a considerable improvement in search engine rankings for the targeted keywords along with increase converting traffic to the website. Based on Google’s recent algorithm changes, we have made a few amendments to the original link wheel service that we have been offering. We do not use Google’s wonder wheel anymore to research and find the keywords. Instead, we would be using advanced keyword research tools and the factors such as competition, search volume and trends would be taken into consideration. Another change is that the sites used in the outer wheels would now link back to the parent website too.

We have also planned at a systematic approach for writing content to the link wheel. Earlier we used to write unique, random blog posts. However, now, for this research, the unique content written would have a natural flow from one site to the other. This approach would keep the reader engaged and interested to move on to the next site of the link wheel

Link wheels are made not to trick the search engines but to keep the reader interested along with making the search engine bots index the links faster. More about this research could be found at our SEO labs section. Contact us for any questions or comments about the strategy. You can also subscribe to the research updates at

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