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Increasing Popularity Of Forestry Investment Leads To The Launch Of World Exclusive Elite Teak Tree

Over the past few years, the strong economy in the Philippines has attracted investors from across the globe.
London, London, United Kingdom ( 11/11/2011
In recent years the volatile global economy has led to an increasing number of investors looking to enter the alternative investment market as a way to cope with uncertainty surrounding traditional investments.

Forestry investment has proven to be both a profitable and ethical opportunity for investment funds for many years and has remained strong – with an increase average of 6.5% year on year for the past 10 years – throughout the global economic downturn.

With investors now in search for higher returns, alternative investments have become an increasingly popular asset class for those looking to grow their portfolio with minimal risk and strong projected returns.

In Asia, Teak is the most popular and valuable hardwood mainly because the furniture industry which accounts for approximately 85% of use due to its strong durability qualities.

There's been a rise in Teak investment due to a combination of fast physical growth rates, high market price and extremely favourable supply and demand characteristics.

Traditionally Forestry investment was mainly only accessible to large investment funds and banks however a new elite forestry investment has now been packaged into smaller units for the private investor.

The increase in demand for forestry investment has led to Experience International's launch of a World Exclusive Elite Teak Tree Programme, with investment packages starting from only £30,000 with projected 10 year returns of £158,000.

"We're pleased to exclusively launch our World Exclusive Elite Teak Tree Programme to the international market," Steven Worboys, MD of Experience International comments.

"For an investment of £30,000 investors will acquire 100 elite tissue culture teak trees planted in 2004 under the strict forestry management guidelines, using tissue culture teak plants created in laboratories by world tissue culture experts."

This alternative forestry investment is set to attract investors looking to move away from traditional asset classes which have become increasingly volatile since the global economic downturn.

Over the past 10 years Teak has seen an average increase of 6.5% year on year and applying this rate delivers returns in excess of £158,000 over a straight 10 year period.

Experience International can offer clients, who wish for a greater degree of liquidity in their portfolio, an earlier exit strategy where investors can at any time, chose to harvest some or all of their stock from September 2016 up to the final delivery date in September 2021.

This flexible forestry investment is secured by Trust administered by Independent Trustees from London Law Firm and offers a performance guarantee.

In a market where the demand outstrips supply, it's clear to see why many investors are entering forestry investment instead of other options.


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